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  1. This is sufficiently bizarre to keep alive into June. Tony, whatever your convictions, you are simply ignoring good troubleshooting practice. You should eliminate simple hardware errors before messing with the software. As several people have said, intermittent errors usually result from hardware that is failing. If a bad back prevents you from opening up the computer, find a friend. Check the cables. Take everything out, clean the contacts and reseat, One item at a time to see if you can reproduce the error. Even going so far as the processor. Run the drive mfgr's diagnostic. Run memtest86 overnight. And whatever else I might have overlooked. Then image the drive. There are a couple good free imaging programs. Run fixmbr and fixboot. Or, first, try a repair install of XP. People have got frustrated with you because you are simply not doing the things that are usually necessary to solve the problem. What it sounds like are a failing hard drive or a failing mother board. So I'll tell you exactly what to do: get Macrium Reflect. It's free. Image the whole drive twice. Make a Rescue cd. Use your XP disk to do a repair (upgrade) install. Yes, you'll have to do all the incredibly annoying updating again, so what. If that doesn't fix it, check the hardware - find a friend. Or live with with the intermittent problem till it finally breaks completely.
  2. Yes/no. Check this (you want to try VHD_W7_Compact.exe): http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=23553 http://reboot.pro/index.php?showtopic=9830 jaclaz Interesting, thanks. Man, what a project....
  3. I'm a little late to the party, so this may have been asked and answered long ago-- but, once you put windows on a USB hard disk, what do you have? Since windows does a hardware specific installation, can other computers be booted from the USB?

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