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  1. I installed 3.9 and I noticed that after I installed Microsoft PLUS! for Windows 98 (After I finished the last step in the read me) some system programs got there file extensions changed. Such as Theme.exe, tuneup.exe and Theme.cpl got changed to Themeexe.W98, tuneupexe.W98 and themecpl.W98 Also the start up Logo.sys and the Logow.sys files were renamed to Logo.W98 and Logow.W98 Respectively. Needless to say this broke all of the shortcuts to those files and reverted the boot up screen to the original Windows 98 one. After renaming all the .W98 files to there original extensions files they worked fine. These are the only files that could be found with a .W98 extension. Thank you for this, it really has helped all of my Windows 98 machines with there overall stability.
  2. That worked, I can install and use the clip art in Office 97. Thank you and I hope this helps.
  3. Sorry, I didn't see the read me file in there. Now when I go to install MS Office 97 (just right after I enter the cd key) I get an error message saying "Setup error 797 Object 1586 Your setup files may be damaged . Try restarting the setup program from where you originally ran it" When I run the program again, I get the same errors. Clicking ok will yield subsequent error messages that all say the same thing except the Object that it is referring to changes. The objects that are being referred to are in order are 1586,1596,1591,1601, and 1582. Then windows reports that the program preformed an illegal operation and the install closes. Under details it reads: ACMSETUP caused an invalid page fault in module OFF97_BB.DLL at 0167:00dc695d. Registers: EAX=00000641 CS=0167 EIP=00dc695d EFLGS=00010202 EBX=004382f8 SS=016f ESP=005cf6f4 EBP=00536094 ECX=00000000 DS=016f ESI=0053608c FS=2c37 EDX=00536094 ES=016f EDI=00c2f408 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 8b 34 01 56 53 e8 f9 cb fe ff 56 8b f8 53 e8 30 Stack dump: 00c2f40c 0053608c 00c2f408 004382f8 00000000 00000001 00dc6833 004382f8 00000000 00c2f408 004979d8 00000004 00000001 00dc647a 004382f8 00c2f40c
  4. When I run Artgalry.exe I get an error saying "Clip Gallery could not register itself on your computer. You may not have the proper administrative permissions."
  5. Possible problem found: on a fresh install of Windows98SE with nothing more than NUSB 3.6 used to get the SP onto the computer via a usb flash drive ( I did restart in safe mode and uninstalled all USB devices) After installing the Main updates only, all programs in the Microsoft Office 97 family will give me the error "The server application, source file, or item cannot be found. Make sure the application is properly installed, and that it has not been deleted, moved, or renamed." Whenever I try to open the Clip Art gallery. Thank you and I hope this helps.
  6. Ok I installed the .DLL dile and I didn't get the error this time and the software installed. I went into the device manager and tried to install the driver, it asked for some files and I specified the location and it found the .inf file but when I clicked next it told me that windows was unable to install the 11 b/g wireless adaptor and the next screen tells me that the device installation encountered errors and a code 1F6. However when I go to device manager it says that it is working properly, however it can't point me to any driver files in the driver tab. I also can't enable the wireless radio in the wireless client utitlty. Thank you for the suggestion, but I installed the chipset drivers, and that will not enable the audio in and of itself, I had to install the audio drivers to get the audio to work. Thanks, Max
  7. Ok I went ahead and reinstalled Windows so I could document everything. I went and downloaded every last thing for the computer that was on Lenovo's website that worked with Windows 98. I read the readme for the wireless driver and it said I needed WMI on the machine before I installed the driver. When I went to Microsoft's website it told me that it was on the windows 98 CD and it was called Web-Based Enterprise Management so I installed that under add/remove programs. Next the readme told me to run setup and follow the instructions but setup then told me it was unable to launch something called wmidetect.exe that was created in a folder called {9fac9e5c-od20-4dbf-afe5-2e09c52a95a2} in the temp folder. I went to the path where it said it was and When I went to launch wmidetect.exe it said that mscvp60.dll was not found. I know that this file should be in the System32 folder but I don't see it, but I haven't been able to see any .dll or.sys files anywhere for some reason but I know they must be there I just can't explain why I can't find them in explorer. This error happened when I first tried to install the driver but I didnt note it and I could'nt reproduce it when I reinstalled the program. I have not encountered similar errors when installing any other drivers. P.S. That composite USB device turned out to be the Bluetooth adaptor. P.P.S. Thanks to everyone who has helped me out so far, it has been very helpful sence I haven't ever installed Windows 98 on a system that needed so many drivers installed afterward. Thanks, Max
  8. Ok I went to the specific model number and downloaded the driver and ran the setup. It identified the PCI Eithernet controller as a 11b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI adapter in device driver and when I went to update the driver it found something named Athros.inf and I installed it. It said it was missing some files and I found them in the Windows 98 CD and I reset the computer. There is now something in the taskbar that gives me an option to enable the wireless radio, but it is unclickable and device manager reports that the device is either not present, not working properly or does not have all the drivers installed (Code 10) When I try to turn on the wireless radio via the function-F5 it tries to install a Composite USB devise and I don't know what that means. I think that it is closer to working than before. Thanks, Max
  9. Oops, I must have missed that one. I installed the Cardbus driver and, replacing the existing generic Cardbus controllers it worked with no problems. (the cardbus controllers were already installed under generic drivers so I don't believe that they were in the other devices category in device manager) According to CPU-Z The computer is a IBM T-42 2373-6ZU The 3 devices in the other devices are a PCI Card, PCI Eithernet Controller (I believe this to be the wireless network adapter) and an unknown device. Both the device manager and everest report the display hardware as an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500. The device manager reports that the drivers installed for it are from ATI (but that doesn't mean that they are the right ones) and that the device is working properly. I did download these drivers from the Lenovo website. Both the unknown device and the PCI Card that say they are missing drivers don't respond to either the Cardbus or display drivers so there are still 3 devices missing drivers according to device manager. I also checked in CPU-Z and discovered that the rated FSB is 399.7MHz, but but the bus speed is 99.9. The RAM in the system is clocked at 166.5MHz, if I was to replace the existing RAM with 400MHz DDR would the would the bus speed rise to its rated speed? Here is the everest report file of the PCI Devices. Report.zip Thanks, Max
  10. Well, I installed Everest Home Edition and it did tell me that my wireless adaptor is an Athros 5211 802.11 a/b/g adaptor and I beleve that the divice manager is identifing this as a PCI Eithernet Controller. There was another PCI eithernet controller that was there, but it was the wired eithernet connnection which I managed to get working I can use the eithernet toacess the internet now. There are 3 unknown dvices in the in the system according to device manager and after looking at the regestry I figured out that 1 of these was ATI display hardware (but the display is working fine) and another one is a cardbus controller (that was set up when windows was installed) And the other one is a PCI eithernet controller (I beleve that this is the wirless adaptor). I cant seem to find a driver that this will work with though, any .INF files I find on the internet that I try to install with device manager will say that windows was unable to find a driver for this device. Does anyone know where I could find a driver for this adaptor, and is there any special software I will need to get windows to recognise a wirless connection? Thank you for any advice you can give me reguarding this. Thanks, Max
  11. Thank you very much, The audio is working now. But I can't get the Wirless Network or Eithernet Adapters to work, There are 2 PCI eithernet adaptors and 1 Unknown device ( I think that this is the Wirless adaptor) That all say they need drivers. I Installed the drivers for both and after extracting and running the setups nothing happens. This time after the reboot, it dos'nt ask for any files, and nothing changes in the device manager. The computer cant find anything when I use the Update Driver. I know that they must be Mini PCI Cards, But I don't know what type of cards they are or if they need any other drivers or software. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Max
  12. Hi, This is my first time posting on MSFN. I have found it extremely helpful with all of my Windows 98SE Persuits. I just recently bought an IBM Thinkpad T-42 with 1024MB of RAM, a 120GB Hard Disk and a Pentium M 1700MHz processor. I Installed Windows 98SE and are planning to use this Laptop to do work on and play DOS and classic Windows Games on. The soundcard in question is a Sound MAX Integrated Digital Audio internal sound card. There is no native support for this right off the disk so there was no sound when Windows was loaded, It dosn't even show up in the hardware manager. I got all the drivers from Lenovo's website And when I installed the Audio driver, after the extraction and reboot, it wanted the Windows 98SE CD for some files but it could'nt find them on the disk. Files like ksclockf.ax which I know are in the \Win98 directory in the Driver11.cab file. But it also asked for files like Aeaudio.sys and Migrate.dll and smwdm.dll and similar files Which are'nt on the Windows 98 install disk. If I don't install these files and just install the driver, The card regesters in Hardware manager as needing to update the driver ( Even though there is allready the latest one installed) If I install the files that are on the Windows 98 CD, it will ask for a reboot and when it does, it says it is working properly, when that is not the case. There isin't even a volume control speaker icon in the taskbar to adjust the volume And it also states under multimedia in control pannel that there is no plaback device. Any help would be highly appreciated, and if I need to provide more info on something please let me know. Thanks, Max

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