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  1. a unique problem?

    Hi there guys. I'll keep this brief. But I could really use some help Usual story that I'm sure you've come to see often. I have a Windows XP Eee PC 901, without a CD Drive, but I want to entirley reinstall the operating system and in the process, fix around some of the partitions on both of the drives. I've tried the usual processes reccomended, but I've come up with this problem: that many of the programs I use to locate the WINDOWS XP install from the ASUS Eee PC disk cannot actually find a valid install on the cd. If I use the multiboot 10 program, then it throws up the error that it cannot locate a dosnet.inf. If I use WINSETUPFROMUSB, it says that TXTSETUP.SIF is not found in the location either. Therefore whichever program I use to locate the WINXP files from the ASUS disk, and to transfer them to a bootable USB disk, cannot actually find what it needs!!! I've been trying to find a workaround for around 30 hours now!!! I even tried downloading a WINXP ISO online, and this worked fine when locating the needed files; however, the product key on the back of my Eee PC did not activate this version of XP. ANY help would be appreciated, I refuse to give up and buy an external CD drive after spending SO MUCH time on this problem. Thanks again guys.