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  1. OK - I now think this problem is due to our network. If I remove the network cable from the PC during the GUI mode portion of setup, it goes through, 100% every time If the network cable remains in, it may fail (~10% of the time). If it fails the first time, it will continue to fail for approx 2-3 hours. Hmmm...I wonder what our DHCP lease time is...better check with the cable monkeys!
  2. Right, this is an interesting one. I'm using WinPE to set up a number of PCs of varying vintage and manufacturer. Some machines have internal IDE ZIP drives. Most don't. I'm configuring the hard disk with two partitions, one for the system and another for the profiles, so I'm using the ProfilesDir= unattend setting. I'm running into a situation similar to MS KB 321801with the ZIP drives - the ZIP drive 'takes over' the D: drive letter (which I want to be the second hard disk partition) and setup fails (because the device is not ready - at that point there is no ZIP disk in the drive; why should there be!?!) So, my question is this: how on earth can I stop the ZIP drive from grabbing D: during setup?
  3. Pyron's method didn't change the result (as I suspected). However, it is pretty cool, so I'll stick with it. Strangely, removing cmdlines.txt seems to let it run through...but the only thing I've got in there is a call to RunOnceEx.cmd!?!?!
  4. Umm...nope. The EOF character appears to be there. I did recreate the i386 directory from my original XP CD and that worked...for a time. Now its back to how it was before. I'm going to try Pyron's method. I'll report back later... Subaqua
  5. No. I'm only trying to add network, video and audio drivers at this stage. All our PCs (well, the ones I want to install unattended) have plain vanilla IDE HDDs.
  6. I can't find any precise info about the problem I'm having. I've built an unattended install (originally coming off a Ghost image, but now working using WinPE). I've got drivers in $OEM$\$1\Drivers and I've added them to the OemPnPDriversPath. Setup appears to work fine, but when it gets to installing the network (T-30), setup appears to exit (goes back to a plain blue screen), then the PC reboots and when it comes back up I get "Setup is restarting...." and the whole process starts again (from T-39). The weird thing is, it doesn't do it /every/ time (perhaps 8/10 times). I've used various different hardware, including VirtualPC and the same thing happens. When I comment out the drivers path, it goes through 100% no problems (but no drivers either!) Any clues?
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