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  1. file shortcut to taskbar

    There's an excellent program called Taskbar Pinner http://winaero.com/comment.php?comment.news.108 , that out very lovely "xpclient" worked on. It'll help you out.
  2. To close this topic once at for all, I've just reinstalled Windows 7. The NTVDM does work! Hooray! Now I can play old Win16 classics like Slam! But sadly, MUGEN doesn't work, as it gives this message: "This system does not support fullscreen mode". Because there's no way to set the game to run in a windowed mode, there's no way to play this game on Win7. Thank god for virtualization!
  3. Well, I've tried everything with Virtual PC, and it doesn't work for me. Simply put, Virtual PC's emulated S3 Trio card, will not allow this game to run, no matter what drivers I have used. You can try to run it in Virtual PC. I'm sure it won't work.
  4. Yea, I've had QEMU on mind. But since VirtualBox does it job fairly well, I'll keep it. Maybe they will include scaling on fullscreen mode in future versions. I can only wish. EDIT: I just found out that I can use VBoxSDL, included with VirtualBox, to launch true fullscreen mode, and maybe the scaling will be included, I'll test it. EDIT2: IT WORKS! IT F***ING WORKS! :thumbup Just type this command in cmd inside the VirtualBox folder: VBoxSDL --startvm [name of you vm's UUID] --fullscreen To get the UUID, type this command: VBoxManage.exe showhdinfo "[path to your VM's hard disk]" It will give you the UUID of your VM. WOOHOO! No errors whatsoever! The resolution is scaled properly!
  5. Okay, I've changed the topic's name, and removed all mentions about closing the topic. I hope someone will find this topic useful. B) EDIT: One extra thing, don't ever bother with Virtual PC, I've just tried it with SciTech Display Doctor, and it didn't help. I would stick to the VirtualBox.
  6. Sadly to say, but VirtualBox has one annoying bug. It doesn't stretch the video in fullscreen. So when my game has 640x480 resolution, it's centered, and the rest is black. And to my knowledge, there's absolutely no way to fix this. And if i set the resolution 1280x1024, it does infact fix the problem, but then , the game performance is very slightly worse, and the sound stutters just a little bit more.
  7. Well, I could make a tutorial on how to emulate Windows 98 perfectly, on VirtualBox. But it would take a long time. Basically it goes down to: 1. Setting in the VirtualBox audio to "Soundblaster 16". 2. Running the setup program with "/p j" switch, to force ACPI installation. 3. Install the Scitech Display Doctor https://www.dropbox.com/s/226caou8x0jf8vm/scitech-display-doctor-7.iso this version. It also includes the key. And set it up to use it's own graphic driver. 4. Installing AMNHLT, to make your host computer a little bit quiet It's here: http://toogam.com/software/archive/drivers/cpu/cpuidle/amnhltm.zip Just run the batch file, and accept the registry. And that's pretty much it. Also remember to turn off the hardware visualization, BEFORE installing Win98, and turn ON hardware visualization after installing Win98.
  8. For now, Windows 98 is installing on VirtualBox, it's really slow. Yes, I've downloaded the unpacked executable, you can delete it. I will try it out. EDIT: Great news! :w00t: With SciTech Display Doctor, the game finally runs! :thumbup And it runs great! I finally got this problem fixed. EDIT2: I also managed to make MIDI work for my game inside the VirtualBox. Now I'm in heaven. Well not everything is perfect. MIDI works inside Media Player, but doesn't work in the game. I don't mind it, as it doesn't make the game less playable, and it's the problem with the game, not Win98. Thanks for ALL you help.
  9. I will test VirtualBox with VBEMP and SciTech Display Doctor, maybe the game will finally work.
  10. submix8c already spoiled the name of the game. It's Dragon Ball Z MUGEN Edition 2, which is based on an very old MUGEN fighting engine for DOS, made in 2000. You can download it here, and see it for yourself: http://www.caiman.us/scripts/fw/f1951.html
  11. Ok, I will try running this game with UNIVESA, UniVBE 6.7, and VBEMP 2010.06.01, under Microsoft Virtual PC. VBEMP 2010.06.01 = No effect, same as the default S3 drivers. UniVESA (in DOS-mode) = No effect. UniUBE 6.7 (in DOS-mode) = Kinda works, but now the game gives this error: http://scr.hu/90y/9lwg2 Which is weird, because this directory does indeed exist.
  12. 1. I would need to change all files to their 8.3 names, in order for this game to run on DOSBox, and even then, the sound emulation isn't perfect, as it stutters. I've tested it before. 2. There's no TSR's or dos-extenders. This game only needs DPMI on pure-dos-mode, which I've provided. 3. I did change the cfg file in this game to have 640x480, not 320x240, but it DOESN'T do anything! 4. There is some options to change the VESA mode in the cfg file, but I've tested all modes before, and it didn't help. 5. Can I get some help on my original problem, as I've think we brought this way off-topic. Now onto the questions about the screenshots. 1. Yes. 2. There's no drivers for the emulated graphic card on your FTP site. I used the ones supplied with Windows 98 SE. 3. Ditto. 4. VPC has it's own S3 driver, which allows for bigger resolutions at 32 color bits. But it doesn't make a difference. * I did allowed resizing, but still no effect. * I did install the VMAdditions.iso; DOS Virtual Machine Additions.vfd is not present on Virtual PC 2007 SP1, but they WON'T add any new graphic drivers, or sound drivers, so they wouldn't help. 5. When I was using XP, I did used the NTVDM, and I also used VDMSound, for sound emulation, becasue NTVDM DOES NOT support Sound Blaster 16, which my game needs, only Sound Blaster 2.0.
  13. Ok. I will try once again to run this game in Virtual PC with Windows 98. EDIT: So as you can see, even though I have the VESA graphic card, and the original driver (not the Virtual PC one), I get this error. http://scr.hu/90y/odj7o I get the EXACT same message if I try to run in MS-DOS mode. http://scr.hu/90y/mbl3j Note that I had to use the "-nosound" parameter, otherwise the VM just hangs up. Also if I use the Virtual PC's S3 driver, the VM hangs up on initializing sound for a little while, and then there's the same story as before. http://scr.hu/90y/8ifeq So Virtual PC + this game =
  14. I don't want strictly-DOS-mode, because it doesn't support LFN. I have tried DOSLFN and LFNDOS, but they didn't help. I though NTVDM would help me (like it did on my XP way back), but it doesn't work for me.
  15. DOSBox does not support LFN (Long File Names), which my specific MS-DOS game needs. I tried for three days to install Windows 98 (on which I've played this game originally 9 years ago) using QEMU, VMware, and Microsoft Virtual PC, but there always were some errors including errors about not having a VESA driver, game not running, or having bad performance. I don't want to go back to WinXP, which supossedly has better NTVDM performance, from what I've seen, I can't go back to Win98 either. But I would really want to . I will try reinstalling the OS.