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  1. Static issue with audio Windows 7

    unfortunately i don't have anything that uses SPDIF i tried going into the bios and rotating the plug, but i just had zero sound, i also had no sound at the windows 7 black loading screen, but as soon as it got to the login screen the noise came back, also, i tried booting into safe mode to see if it was occurring there as well, but i didn't have any sound there either edit: i found another way to stop the processor idle by running BOINC on one core at 100%, which keeps my temperatures down about 15C over disabling the CPU idle which is good, but the static background sound is still there
  2. Static issue with audio Windows 7

    hello everyone, i've been having some issues with my sound recently, the first problem was with some DPC latency, which i managed to get fixed in andre's thread but now i'm having a whole different problem which seems completely unrelated to the DPC latency at all since about a week ago (or maybe before that, this is just when i first noticed), i noticed this low frequency static noise in my headphones which is pretty much impossible to hear if you are using speakers, due to the background noise of fans/the computer, however, when you first start the computer, there is a loud high pitched noise that plays when the windows login screen comes on another way i can reproduce this sound is by allowing the processor to idle through the power management - it sounds a lot like my processor does physically in the case (i get a high pitched whistle coming from it when the idle is disabled), but through speakers/headphones which makes me think it's some sort of interference issue, but it wasn't here a week and a half ago i've updated my realtek sound drivers and tried multiple types of speakers/headphones but no luck at all so far also, another issue that i have found is that my rear onboard audio jack isn't working anymore, despite it being picked up in the sound settings of windows 7 and the realtek control panel, when i plug something into the jack i get no interference, but i also get no sound output even though the system says i have a device plugged in i was able to make a sound clip of this issue, the first noise is pre-login screen, and after the login sound, the noise is when i enable the processor idle feature through the power settings - http://www.mediafire.com/?680hk5j62i1u60i if anyone has any ideas, please let me know because this is driving me crazy
  3. yes it is much better. You no longer have any issues. Highest spikes are 128-256µs. Do you have any issues? seems good! thank you so much andre!
  4. andre, just finished reinstalling windows on a clean SSD, this is using the network card from before, with everything else the same, the video card drivers, pci position etc sent you the file, it seems to be a lot better now so hopefully this will look clean, thanks a lot
  5. i have everything set to maximum performance, with all the CPU/USB/PCI power savings set to disabled, also, the CPU is set to never idle due to the whistle noise
  6. andre, i just popped in the new network card and installed the drivers, looks like we're off the realtek pci-e gbe drivers which is good i hope i sent you the new report i took as soon as i started it up, i havent noticed any pops or stuttering unless i open a big program or something, also, i'm going to be getting my SSD sometime this week and i'll be reinstalling windows 7 onto that so hopefully that will clear up any issues if this didn't help edit: opened up an application and it spiked, so i sent you a report from that too, z & z1
  7. no luck i have two updates though, when i built this computer my processor was doing this high pitched "whistle" sound when it was idling, so in the power options of windows 7, i changed the processor idle off (processor power management > processor idle disable > disable idle), and this gets rid of the noise (this was around two weeks ago or more), however, i noticed recently when i toggle this setting to off it immediately stops the stuttering of the music, even though it comes back about 10-20 seconds later i also ordered a new pci network card (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833166004) so hopefully this will resolve the issue
  8. it seems like the sound is stutter free now, and i'm uploading an xperf trace that i'll send you as soon as it finishes so we can know for sure edit: just started dropping out again
  9. andre, i just checked the offloading options, the ARP Offload, Large Send IPv4/6 and NS Offload were all enabled, but the IPv4 Checksum was disabled, so i set it to Rx & Tx Enabled i don't have another ethernet card unfortunately, but if it would fix the problem i can order one from newegg
  10. andre, i'm not really sure how to fix this as all of my drivers are updated and it doesn't seem to be something that's happening all the time what would you suggest to fix it? edit: sent you one more, and if i can fix this by purchasing a sound card, usb pci card or a network pci card, i will do that
  11. andre, i noticed a lot less drops yesterday afternoon, the only ones were when i was starting up a big application or game, but that is ok i guess since i've updated my network driver already and the only way to fix the issue is by disabling it, would investing in a PCI network card fix the problem completely? edit: just started up a game and it sounds like the audio is stuttering again, going to send you a dpc_interrupt to see why
  12. andre, that is good news however, i am still having the audio stuttering issue, along with trying to run xperf and i get this error , but the only thing that seems to fix it is a restart of the computer i restarted, and was able to run the trace with the stuttering (that should be the first file), and then i disabled the network adapter, hamachi is uninstalled and the vmware adapter is also gone, but it still persisted, so i ran another trace (the second) and sent them to you in a pm edit: i forgot to mention that i haven't changed anything from the last traces i sent you hardware or software wise
  13. andre, i moved the card into another slot, and i sent you a pm with the logs from the newest drivers (9) as soon as the computer started, the old drivers (10) when the computer started, and the old drivers (11) when the issue started again i also moved my mouse and keyboard into two different USB slots, that are USB/SATA hybrid ports i believe
  14. andre, i tried to install 3 or 4 different types of drivers from http://www.station-drivers.com/page/renesas.htm , but i didn't have any luck getting the version number to change - i updated the graphics drivers and included two reports in a pm (one (7) before, and one (8) after)
  15. andre, i downgraded my GPU drivers to the ones that came on the disk (i think they're from around 2010) the link i sent you has two interrupt files, the first one (5) is after i downgraded the drivers and it seemed like it was doing fine, the second (6) is a few minutes ago after i started hearing the music stutter again edit: just stopped the setup.exe and it sounds like the stuttering is gone