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  1. Yes exactly then i edit config.js with notepad and put programs and apps by my order thats the only way to make it works I think i new versions that BUG should be fixed Cheers ! (:
  2. Its unchecked... @Kelsenellenelvian Should it be checked ? I try checked unchecked the same problem again it doesnt sort and install programs by given order...
  3. Helo I have one question how to make WPI to install programs this order (1,2,3,4,5...etc (example) ) there is a picture what i do but it seems I doing something wrong or its maybe a bug ? Thank you for reply !
  4. Sorry man :S i didn't know that can you give me a link of manual ?
  5. Hello ! Im try to make my own wpi and i try a couple of times and i didnt make it so i google for some Wpi pack and i found some of them on russian site but they have interface in russian so does anyone know how to change that language do display on english or give my advice how to make my own WPI Thank you

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