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  1. HELP! Errors... install XP via USB

    Hello, Im back I can't understand what to put on other options in winsetupfromusb. dont know what to put at window vista / 7 / recovery iso ... and UBCD4WIN / Winbuilder / BartPE ... When I follow the screenshot drive letters or leave the two unchecked then click GO, The Setup then automatically closes. is there an easy tutorial?
  2. HELP! Errors... install XP via USB

    ah sorry. I will give Info's not written if you ask me to. sorry again for the wrong forum section. just want to have some attention I guess the partitions don't have any backups left so I guess I left it as it is for now. as for the drivers maybe the later time I can find it. Again wanted to focus on installing XP. I'll post tommorow the specs of this sony vaio netbook since I dont know totally for It's not mine .. (It's already midnight here) please hang for me til the next days. I appreciate the first reply I got here. Thank you very much jaclaz. I'll try the latest version. I'll post feedback tomorrow. :thumbup
  3. This is my very first post here... Hope anyone will enlighten me. I'm an IT student and I'm willing to help if I have the knowledge but still I have my problems too so please help me. I'm trying to install xp pro sp2 via USB. I've read many tutorials through google but all failed. Ive tried them: wintoflash - can't find EULA Usbperp_8 bundle - Cant find setup... not enough memory something like that winsetupfromusb - can't find EULA multiboot_10 - can't find EULA USb(somethin...) - one option can't find EULA and another option BSOD. (my classmate made this so I don't remember the software used) Unetbootin - Can't find setup. I read many fix but all of them don't solve any. Fix I've tried: Original XP CD to use use eeExp iso format NTFS http://forums.aria.co.uk/showthread.php/67899-Installing-XP-via-USB-nLite-problem Change AHCI to IDE compatibility in BIOS (I can't find any AHCI in my bios... I use American Megatrends) etc... Please help me with this... It's been a week finding a fix so I think consulting professionals will be the best thing to do. by the way I'm using a 2gb flash and the netbook is a sony viao. I formatted all my files on the hard drives (2 partitions) and accidentally don't have a back-up(even I'm an IT student T_T) but instead of thinking this I'm just focusing first on installing windows xp. extra info: 1st partition = newly formatted in ntfs 2nd partition = XP setup files ( can't be formatted bcoz of this files) sorry for the long post. PLS HELP ME!