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  1. My second hardrive stopped working about two years ago, I then bought a new one but I had data on the old drive that I wanted to recover so I didn't throw the drive away. I read about how to try to get it working again but it took me very long time to actually try it out. Today I finally did it and it worked!!! but I had big trouble to succeed with it and that I want to share. By coincidence I used the converter board with a known exception (sparkfun) that is mentioned in the sticky. I powered it with an external supply at 3 V and grounded it with the drive. I followed the instructions in the first post except that I placed a paper between the pcb and the connectors instead of removing the pcb completely. It connected to the drive with the "ctrl+z" in the terminal window, but I always got the error "LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF67" or "LED: 000000CC FAddr: 0024A051". I tried it many times with different timings but always with the same result. I then took away the pcb completely with the same result. I was then willing to give up and thought the drive was beyond salvation. When the clock was 3 in the morning I went to sleep. Today in the afternoon I gave it another try with another approach. I powered the converter board with two 1.5 batteries in series because I suspected some interference/grounding problem. To my surprise it now worked exactly as the instruction in the first post. Conclusion: Never ever give up! Thanks for this thread it made my day!