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  1. Hi Andre, I'd boxed up the Roland interface, ready to send back for a replacement, and was using my Mackie FireWire in its place, when suddenly the sound got all glitchy again. Rebooted the machine, and audio still breaks up, even though it had worked fine all day. Looking at CPU usage in task manager, it appears that the Mackie Onyx is consuming the most (about 50% of one core), which disappears when I disconnect it. Neither Latency Checker nor Latencymon are showing any problem at all as these errors are occurring. I've uploaded yet another etl file, if you're willing to take a look: http://dougstunes.com/DPC-Interrupt.zip A probably unrelated curiosity shown in Latencymon are what seem to be extremely high hard page fault resolution times – 23383 us up to 76868 (that's 76 ms, right?). But these aren't occurring during the glitches; in fact they're pretty infrequent, since most of my RAM is free. So maybe I have two crummy audio interfaces? Thanks again...
  2. I ran some root kit scanners, because someone had said that root kits sometimes hook into ataport.sys, which seemed to be misbehaving. One of them must have switched it on. Apparently 1.0.0 is the newest version of rdwm1117.sys – 1.5 refers to an updated control panel only. And the Quadcapture USB port doesn't appear to be sharing an IRQ with anything. Durn. Having run out of solutions, I'm going to try replacing the Quadcapture with a new unit. It will be very funny (after eight months of troubleshooting) if that turns out to be the problem...
  3. A thousand thanks, Andre! Disabling Driver Verifier did seem to help. In all the forums I've visited, I'd never heard about doing this (I need to spread the word). Is this Verifier enabled by default in Windows 7? Unfortunately, I'm still seeing these large spikes every 15 seconds, and am still not getting the latency that others seem to be reporting using the same Roland hardware. The spikes do seem to be connected to this hardware (They go away if I unplug it, and rdwm1117.sys is the Roland driver), but I'm wondering if something in my system is interacting with the driver to cause these spikes, which consume 100% of one core, and 15-20% of total CPU . I've uploaded another trace -- http://dougstunes.com/DPC-Interrupt.zip -- this time with network disabled, no driver verifier, and no antivirus, if you'd be willing to take another look. (I can't even see the spikes in the trace). Is there simply something wrong with the Roland driver? Thanks again...
  4. MagicAndre -- I've been trying to follow your guides, but am lost. Something is causing pops, clicks, and dropouts in my audio, esp. at lower latency settings. Have periodic (15 second) CPU spikes, and somewhat high DPC/ISR involving WDF01000.sys (Kernel mode driver framework runtime), usbport.sys, hal.dll, and ataport.sys (in that order). Being system files, I assume there's no updates for any of these. This is a new, dedicated i7 machine for audio work, with all unnecessary services disabled (I usually shut off networking), and all drivers updated. I'm stumped. A zip of the trace file is at http://dougstunes.com/DPC-Interrupt.zip TIA!