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  1. Update Windows from LAN Server

    Yeah if your using windows 2008R2 you can add the role, the setup is pretty painless. It's pretty neat actually, you can configure your clientside GPO to force automatic updates Here's a step by step setup guide WSUS Setup.. alternatively if this is an unattend issue you can always slipstream updates in to your image using DSIM
  2. Question About Win7 Sysprep

    could probably preface all my posts... LMAO Yeah ill just start off every post with a "Bootleg Method" warning , gotta cover my arse on the interwebs ya know
  3. Question About Win7 Sysprep

    That's a cool method of doing things.. I guess imagex only lets u do that to .wim images? I'm stuck using ghost.. although I can use ghost explorer and do something similar to your method its just seems like doing it the bootleg way idk.. Like I said my audience is small, if this was an image for thousands of machines I'd probably go a lil more indepth and setup a better system.. but truth is I got thrown into this 2 weeks ago and kinda had to relearn how to do desktop imaging with windows 7 allover again lol
  4. Question About Win7 Sysprep

    Which IS good practice.. I on the other hand just go back to my Reference Image If the image ever needs updating.. It not a widely deployed image only a dozen or more machines so as for updates it won't be that crazy.. since we have wsus and secunia csi in our environment.. All in All I've been doing desktop Imaging for a year now and I'm still learning.. I quite honestly hate doing it lol but its cool to get a universal image to be be deployed with almost no post work
  5. Question About Win7 Sysprep

    Hey thanks for the link (actually read that already) but gave it a read again and noticed that it mentions towards the end. That if you want to make changes to your image you can just revert back to your "reference Image" that has a rearm count of 3.. so when you update/change w.e to the reference image and you then sysprep using '0' you are therefore using sysprep with a '0' only once because you can always revert back to your reference image to make changes. Sounds confusing but basically I can rearm windows and office and not worry about every exceeding my count because my reference image will always have a count of 3 .. I think I'm gong to stick with rearming windows and office before my FINAL image just to be safe. It won't hurt none.. and I'm not so sure generalize rearms Windows AND Office (unless someone can actually confirm) .. as of yet I am unable to actually see a real CMID on any windows 7 machine using rearm /dlv or the ossp equivelant command.. Anyways thanks All
  6. Nevermind I figured out the issue I was having.. was a networking issue being unable to contact M$ activation services..
  7. Question About Win7 Sysprep

    Hey sorry for the late reply (been busy) .. anyways I am using the generalize switch when I run sysprep on my image.. We are not using KMS atm but we just set it up and it will be getting used soon enough.. I always thought I had to rearm windows AND office before I took my "Final Golden" Image.. I guess that's only necessary when I am using KMS exclusively? As of right now I am using MAK keys.. Thanks for the help. much appreciated
  8. Question About Win7 Sysprep

    Hey not sure what u mean by SKU but I thought re-arming office 2010 and windows 7 was crucial before deploying an image? So the machine gets a unique CMID and grace period for activation is reset??
  9. Sorry for the late reply but my error is this --------------------------- Windows Script Host --------------------------- Script: C:\Windows\system32\slmgr.vbs Line: 1333 Char: 5 Error: Permission denied Code: 800A0046 Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error I just don't understand why this is happening when on the machine I built the image on slmgr runs fine in the post script (as administrator)
  10. Hi Yall, I made a golden image from my reference image (I rearmed office and windows, (I ran ospprearm and set rearm to 0 before I syspreped) Here's the problem: When I drop the image on a new machine it's unable to run the commands to activate using slmgr and ospp ..I actually get a windows script host error saying there's an error in slmgr.vbs did I miss something here with the image building process? It runs fine on the machine I built the image on (after sysprep) Any Ideas??
  11. Hi Yall , I have been doing the whole windows 7 image building thing past couple of weeks now and am almost ready to go into production. I have completed my image and like what I got so far.. I have not rearmed office 2010 or win7 (set rearm to 0) yet .. I have tried deploying my image to a different model computer and I notice that it will not activate office or windows using my setupcomplete.cmd script.. It works fine after sysprep on the machine I built the image on .. does this have to do with the whole rearming thing? Like if I do what I mentioned above (rearming office and windows) will I still see this problem? My rearm count is currently set to 3 .. but after this image I will need to install another piece of specialty software on my reference image and deploy another golden image into production again.. hope this isn't too confusing.. Thanks !
  12. Building an Image in Audit Mode

    Yeah it stinks, but I have no choice. Gotta use Ghost. So this MDT thing (which I hear about all the time) is good? I can still use Ghost for the capturing/deploying part?
  13. Building an Image in Audit Mode

    @WinOutreach4 Thanks for reply! Those links look good, gonna give em a reading. Thanks for the info on the webcast, gonna sign up now actually. Good lookin out!
  14. Hi All, I am testing out different Sysprep configurations to get the most complete unattended install I possibly can. Right now I am using the FirstLogon setting to kick off a few scripts needed to install, activate, etc.. I also have a script kicking off in setupcomplete.cmd (but I would like to have a script to delete/remove certain directories, sysprep files, etc).. Basically what I'm trying to figure out is where I should be placing my scripts for the most efficient unattended install and if using logon vs firstlogon commands differs from one another. -Justpooped
  15. Waddup Ya'll

    Thank You!