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  1. this is the IPv6 Helper service which provides IPv6 over IPv4 networks. So install the Sp1 for Windows 7 which includes a lot of fixes, maybe your issue is also gone. If the issue is not gone and if you don't need this service, stop the service. ah, well, the problem here is... i cant get the windows 7 sp1 to install in my pc either... it downloads, installs but when it tries to configure, it always gets stuck at 70%, it restarts several times, gets stuck at same percent and i get error 0x80070643. and i really do want the cpu issue gone without doing such a round about way of turning off iphlpsvc. i already do it, but it means i have to suffer 20mins of agony while i wait for it to turn off every time i start after a shutdown. sorry if i'm bothering you.
  2. well, hi again. i finally did a trace, and i tried looking through it but i couldnt make much sense out of it. here it is though, http://www.mediafire.com/?m3r5pm1ewdmw77j all i know is that iphlpsvc from svchost.exe has something to do w/ it. i went through process explorer and my performance monitor and when i looked at both, i see iphlpsvc eating half of my cpu. sometimes i see it spike over 100 (i have no idea how that happened). right now i just turn the service off, and my cpu drops from 75-100% to 10-50%. my cpu still spikes a lot an i'm not sure if there's another thing responsible for that. hope you can help. thanks.
  3. ... *facepalm* okay, i feel stupid now. thanks.. not for the feeling stupid but for pointing it out! ahahahah haaaaaaah
  4. hello, I'm trying to follow your tutorial but encountered a problem. After typing in "xperf -on latency -stalkwalk profile" into cmd, i get "xperf: error: xperf: argument -stalkwalk unexpected." any help on solving this? i downloaded the Windows Performance Toolkit and the installed x64 file for Windows x64 systems.