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  1. Seem to got UURollup9b working, I guess it had to do with what ever Revolution modified
  2. Don't even try! The only proper and recommended way to slipstream UURollup is using HFSLIP. nLite cannot slipstream it directly. Ok thanks!
  3. I'll try to do a test using the same setup. Which VM program are you using? By the way, 32-bit icon support is included in UURollup (thanks to WildBill's patches) so I don't think you will need the Revolutions Pack after installing it. Thanks, I am using Oracle VM VirtualBox, with Service Pack 5 slipstreamed by nLight, and then installing UURollup9b manually on Windows 2000 I am going to try to slipstream UURollup9b with nLight and see if it works And thanks!! Didn't know that
  4. It seems to be related to the simple fact that they are *.exe files and some AV scanners may not like it. I've already been thinking about packing them to CAB or 7z before uploading. Ah ok, well I have been getting around my antivirus with the files, but 7zip sounds nice UURollup requires SP4 & Update Rollup 1 and Update Rollup 2 also requires only SP4 & Update Rollup 1 so it doesn't really matter which one you install first. UURollup contains newer files so I'd install it after Update Rollup 2. Still it shouldn't make any real difference because the installer checks for file versions and installs only the newest ones. What errors are you exactly getting? Are you saying that your system gets broken after installing UURollup? What kind of updates have you got installed at the moment? I have been starting with a clean install with Service Pack 5 slipstreamed on a virtual machine and than Windows 2000 Revolution installed afterwards
  5. You should ask Symantec about it. I think it may be related to the fact that these updates replace system files and modify many system related registry keys. Also they use exactly the same structure as M$ official updates but the difference between them is that M$ updates are digitally signed while mine are not. The two are completely different. Unofficial Updates Rollup (UURollup) = a rollup of unofficial updates Update Rollup 2 = a rollup of official updates & hotfixes They are complementary. EDIT By the way, which files exactly are reported as malware?? Out of curiosity I've just scanned the newest update created today through Virustotal Oh well that makes sense, but its mainly trying to download them, either by the link you give to your download such as UURollup9b or when its in the process of downloading and Norton cuts the download off And thanks, which one should I install first the Update Rollup 2 or UURollup9b? or does it even matter? Also by the way is there a precise way to install the files, cause every time I install the files such as UURollup9b and reboot, it comes back as a winlogin error and automatically restarts and does not go into Windows 2000
  6. http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=123564#123564 Thanks, going to try it soon, but quick question why does a lot of your files come back as malware and spam on Norton 360 Also is the UURollup9b better than this, if not then whats the difference?
  7. Is there a place where we can still get this update, and by the way-- why did he take it down?
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