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  1. Thank you both, here is the latest update then. So the problem was actually in the SATA data cable. Since i have it as one plug together with the SATA power i had to have the data also connected. Even though the other side of data was not connected to PC it was still for some reason blocking the terminal. But i was eventually able to find a separate SATA power cable and run through the steps. And obviously since everything that can go wrong is going wrong then I also had the DETSEC error which i was able to overcome by cleaning the PCB head contacts - TWICE. Now after running thru all the steps successfully, i connect the drive to PC over USB and the PC reaaaally slowly recognizes it as a local disk - but it doesn't recognize it as Maxtor, neither does Seatools. I did the same process some time ago with another disk and in that case it recognized the connected disk as Maxtor. Once it recognizes it as disk it will start Autoplay which does some ambiguous scanning, but the drive eventually comes up as 0 bytes under my computer. For the other disc i had i saw autoplay actually go thru the directories on the disk and then the files became available. OK, then i thought it might be the 0 LBA issue then. Start terminal again, and run the m0... command to fix the 0 LBA. But when i connect again over USB, it's still 0 bytes. I've seen some people suggest just trying it again and again but don't know if that would eventually be of any help. Edit: Actually it recognizes the disk only the first time i plug it in over USB after doing the fix and it does actually show in device maneger as Maxtor disk with correct model with file system RAW. The second time i plug it in it is unrecognized device, no matter which USB port i use. And if i plug it in to a different PC then it's also unrecognized device. And another interesting point, the second disk i fixed some time ago behaves the same, the files are no longer accessible and it's either 0 bytes or unrecognized device. Do you have any additional ideas on this?
  2. Hey jaclaz, thanks for the answer! The drive is not ES.2. It's Maxtor DiamondMax 22. I'm not sure what you mean by trying with N1? The FB link seems to describe the standard solution. But otherwise, the possibilities you suggested, unfortunately they have all been tried already. Ctrl+z or Ctrl+Z does not seem to make any difference, they both bring up the terminal F3 T> but it gets locked with LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF67 after 30 sec. Tried entering both Ctrl+z and Ctrl+Z after that in all PCB configurations and the terminal will not unlock. And i have tried all different timings when entering the commands - also with all different PCB configurations(head blocked, motor blocked, pcb off). I mean it's just rediculous how my drive is in such exceptional situation even though the symptoms are exactly correct with the defect described.
  3. Since this topic is so old then i'm not sure how many of you still remember the details of solving the issue, but wanted still to share my problems and maybe someone can give some input as to what is going on. So, the drives head contacts are blocked, I'm connected to terminal and turn on the drive, it will spin up normally. After 30 sec, it will spin down and start giving error in terminal LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF67 After this error there is no way to further input anything in the terminal. Anyway, hence i have 30 secs from switching on the power to input the Crtl+z, /2 and Z because after that the terminal will be blocked. Even though some people in this thread have suggested waiting for 30-60 seconds after turning on the power to enter any commands - don't know how this could be possible if after 30 seconds it will already block the terminal with the error. Nevertheless i've tried to enter these three commands i don't know how many times in different timing possibilities(i.e. waiting for 10, 15, 20, 30 secs before issuing the Ctrl+z or Z command). And it will always give an another error LED:000000CE FAddr:00280569 and block the terminal. Some people have received this error when entering lowercase z or not entering slash before 2, or being to fast, but i'm not doing that. In addition I tried these 3 commands with just motor connection blocked and the PCB completely removed - everything gives same result - LED:000000CE FAddr:00280569 right after Z command or if no commands are given, 10-30 sec after power-up (depending on what contacts are blocked) it will give LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF67. Out of ideas completely.