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  1. Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

    Thanks a lot , you re genius Can you please give me all reg hives ? i am making little project And that explorer.exe: I start him from cmd , after that he run little window (personalizing Desktop Settings) after that explorer.exe process is killed
  2. Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

    I am sorry for multipost , if you still have problem with wpeutil shutdown copy from install.wim (windows\winsxs\pending.xml) copy it to your_image\windows\winsxs
  3. Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

    Hello Kullenen_Ask PS: sorry for my bad english i am reading this topic lot of time , and sometimes i see you cant run some programs or services , microsoft upload new sp1 winpe . and he have lot of default services i mean in that default svc you dont need a hives to run it if you want to optimize image in offline mode you can delete WinSxS\Backup (not needed) (in amd64 version took 230MB i think) and Windows\Boot (why is this **** in winpe ? ) search winresume.exe , winresume.efi (i think you dont need it ) windows\help hh.exe system32\**-** delete any other language what you dont need (but you must still have fallback lang en-US , because that packages are not full) system32\kbd***.dll (keep en keyboard , and you language keyboard) also if you dont want black screen in winpe (when you delete something) before that steps you must edit files in Windows\wpeprofiles\ add to all 2 files this line all.wpf: WINPE_PROFILE V1.0 x64 11/20/2010:08:14:42 6.1.7601 D501D479 Windows PE CORE Profile \windows \windows\system32 \windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe core.wpf: WINPE_PROFILE V1.0 x64 11/20/2010:08:14:42 6.1.7601 D501D479 Windows PE CORE Profile \windows \windows\system32 \windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe you can also have faster loading wpeinit.exe ----- and my [WinSHADOW] OS its 99% win7_sp1_amd64 i can use all programs but there is some problems: i cant start explorer.exe (when i start it , it makes nothing) in taskmgr i cant see any adapter i can run mediaplayer with video , but nosound i use hives to run explorer , but it didnt work i have installed all components to run network there is some code from my OS: Title [WinSHADOW] NETCFG X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c p -i ms_tcpip6_tunnel X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c p -i ms_tcpip_tunnel X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c p -i ms_smb X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c p -i ms_netbt_smb X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c p -i ms_netbt X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c p -i ms_tcpip6 X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c p -i ms_tcpip X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c p -i ms_pppoe X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c p -i ms_pptp X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c p -i ms_l2tp X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c p -i ms_ndiswan X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c p -i ms_ndisuio X:\Windows\System32\reg.exe add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinPE" /t REG_DWORD /v SkipWaitForNetwork /d 1 /f X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c s -i ms_vwifi X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c s -i ms_nativewifip X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c s -i ms_ndiscap X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c s -i ms_pacer X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c s -i ms_netbios X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c s -i ms_rasman X:\Windows\System32\netcfg.exe -e -c c -i ms_msclient Title [WinSHADOW] Services Start X:\Windows\System32\net.exe START wmiapsrv X:\Windows\System32\net.exe START eaphost X:\Windows\System32\net.exe START dnscache X:\Windows\System32\net.exe START netman X:\Windows\System32\net.exe START winhttpautoproxysvc X:\Windows\System32\net.exe START gpsvc X:\Windows\System32\net.exe START policyagent X:\Windows\System32\net.exe START cryptsvc X:\Windows\System32\net.exe START efs X:\Windows\System32\net.exe START sstpsvc X:\Windows\System32\net.exe START trustedinstaller X:\Windows\System32\net.exe START defragsvc X:\Windows\System32\net.exe STOP eventlog X:\Windows\System32\net.exe STOP mpssvc my image took 550 MB can you help me ?