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  1. and yes i download a .logonxp file and .bootscreen file from internet. tell me how to use them. i am googling last 3 days but didnot get any deire result for making unattended.
  2. Guys i am making my cd. so i follow instructions here . http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/ and i make many changes. install some desired software's remove drievers and also change billboards but now am stuck on boot screen i followed steps but i cant make any boot screen currently i am on windows 7 making unattended cd. so can you guys help me a simple and easiest way to change boot logon and theme. i will be thankful hope i got some help. this is my first time so am totally noob.
  3. Guys i want to create a cd with this perimeters. i want when windows install this will go on. Windows have firefox 11 acrobat reader or some other software. my custom login screen. my custom boot screen . custom theme. almost 10 themes installed. minimum 20 new wall paper installed. previous boring windows wallpaper must be removed or something more. i have service pack two.and i download also service pack three. dont give me suggestion nlite. because i waste too much time. i am googling many days and wait to much time. so i came here. i see that one topic a pearson give help same like me. so i hope i will also get help here. i just need any tutorial about custom cd making and customize windows xp in cd setup. i hope u understand what i want to say. if there is any ebbok available. i love to read it. thankx.