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  1. I don't understand that statement. However, VPC, by design, will always use the Host Clock. It occasionally checks (and updates) to keep people from "setting the clock back" for Trial Software. I also tought that the guest should timely synchronized to the host clock, but not. It is slowly late. After (starting the guest) , about 15 sec. late in 2 hours in the guest. I do not know the reason. Microsoft notices the advatage (among others) of the Virtual Machine Additions installation: - time synchronization between the VM and the host.
  2. I installed VPC 2007 (SP1) on an XP Prof. (SP3) host. Than I installed a Win98SE as a guest and then intalled the Virtual Machine Additions. I am satisfied with it but it is quite annoying that the clock on the VM be losing. What can be the problem?
  3. I'm glad to hear you're up and running at USB2.0 speeds. I'm not sure what you mean by this however Do you mean the drivers you just installed, or do you mean a Mass Storage Device driver? Today I was learning some new things. Installing again the Win98SE. I tryed the method that Intell proposed, but only USB1.1 installed and there remained the Unknown PCI to USB Host Controller in the Dev. Man. list altough I tried to delete it and leaved the system to recognize it. When I installed the ECS Intel OrangeWare ICH5 USB 2.0 Driver (only this was good for USB2.0 speed), the USB2 Controller and Hub installed and everything was OK (there was no unknowed device). At last I installed the R.Loew's USB Mass Storage driver. It works at USB2.0 speed. So the aswer is: Intel has no Win98SE USB2.0 driver for his ICH5 chip (only for USB1.1).
  4. I thought you said you had Intel USB 2.0 Drivers, because you asked if you should uninstall them when you first asked about NUSB? If your Intel USB2 driver package works like the one I have, when you run the "installer" it doesn't really install anything. All it does is extract itself to C:\WINDOWS\DRIVERS\. This is, shall we say, less than helpful. If it extracted itself to C:\WINDOWS\INF\, it would be useful, but I digress. Go into your Device Manager and see if your USB2 hubs are properly recognized. If they show up as unknown devices, remove them, and reboot. When asked for the location of the driver, point the installer to C:\WINDOWS\DRIVERS\ or wherever your package has extracted itself. Now I know that I was failed. I never knew why was an unknown PCI USB controller device in the Device Manager list, altough there were normally listed the Intel USB controllers and hubs.Because the hardware is USB2.0 capable, I thought that the driver is too. I installed the R.Low driver and I detected the slow speed with a pen drive. Then I realised that the driver is only for USB1.1. Today I began to search for a USB2.0 (orange) driver and then installed it. Then the USB2 controller device is uppaered in the Dev. Man. list and the unknonwn device is disappeared. But the transfer speed does not changed. I thought that the R. Low driver connected itself with the USB1.1 driver because when it was installed, there was not USB2.0 controller driver. I do not know how to uninsta it, so I decided to uninstall the Win98SE then install again with the hardware drivers first (with the orange driver) and then the R. Low driver. Now is everithing is ok. The pendrive is identified as USB2.0 Mas Storage Device and the trasfer speed is sinificantly improved. Ps. Now I read the readme of Intel. So you are right. I should delete the Unknown PCI to USB Host Controller. I was missed because I run the setup. Maybe Intel has USB2.0 driver for Win98SE?
  5. Yes, Rloew's very tiny USB Mass Storage Driver works on pen drives. It lacks the sophistication of NUSB, such as the ability to handle multi-card readers. Thank for the info. I tried R.Loew tiny driver. It works altogh the pen drive recognition is quite funny. Every time when you plug in a new pendrive, you must point to the inf file. It does not use the system tray, but it can be used so I will remain with it. But I was suprised that Intel did not make USB2.0 for Win98Se (only USB1.1). The data transfer is quite slow.
  6. I figured that you had probably checked. I was in the process of pulling that breakdown out of my slipstream notes when you posted, and once I had gone to the trouble of extracting it, I thought I would go ahead and post it, it may be of future use. Myself having never checked for other language versions, I figured sorbit4 could give it a shot... I will try it. But before installing, I want know what is your opinion about R. Loew general USB Mass storage driver. Is it good for pendrives too? Is anybody tested it? It is quite small Ithink it does not bother the system messages.
  7. For simplicity now I decided to translate NUSB2.2 . If the usual messages (belonging to NUSB) are displayed in hungarian, it wold be enough. But now I encountered a problem. I wanted to get 239696HUN8.EXE and 291362HUN.EXE from MS, but MS closed every support below Windows XP. MS homepage does not allow me to choose Windows 98SE when wanted to contat them. What can I do?
  8. Thank you for the inf. I give up translating v3.5 (I have no ME). Is it easier to translate v3.3 or v2.2 ? sorbit4
  9. Yes. Uninstall ALL USB devices, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 both. NUSB3.5 adds the Windows ME USB 1.1 stack to 98SE which in turn allows greater functionality with composite devices, etc. Many thanks. Reading back the thread I noticed, that it is possible to change the language to Hungarian. Is it true? I have the MS update 242975HUN8.EXE for Win98SE. Which files are effected as language specific? My wife do not speak english and will get frightened if she sees enlish messages. We want to use it (NUSBnnE.EXE) only for various USB2.0 flash drives. Thank you in advanced
  10. Thank you very much. So if I want to try it (in an I865G chipset MB), I have to uninstall the USB2.0 Intel driver? I want to try it in a Hungarian Win98Se. Regards, sorbit4
  11. I can not download the english version. IE8 says that it can not open the webpage. Please help! Thank you in advanced, sorbit4

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