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  1. Hi. The firmware is HP24, I just checked and the disk keeps spinning the whole time. I noticed some sounds only when powering the hard drive (unlike the good drive which is nearly silent the whole time) but they seem like common sounds and they only last about 2 or 3 seconds.
  2. Hi. I think my drive has the BSY error but I'm not 100% sure. How can I tell? The drive is a OEM Seagate Barracuda 7200.11, it worked perfectly for almost 2 years, but one day when I powered on my computer right after a power surge, it couldn't boot and always got stuck/frozen at the HP splash screen, and none of the keys to access the bios and other options worked. However, if I disconnect the hard drive from the motherboard I can get to the bios/options and I get the common message no bootable disk found, etc. I tried installing the hard drive into another computer to see if it could boot or if at least the disk showed up within a different disk with Windows. The good disk can't boot properly if the bad disk is also installed, the computer keeps trying to access the bad drive (I suppose) for some minutes and then there's a message that tells no operating system could be found. I have to use a multi boot bios option to select manually the good disk to boot to Windows. The bad disk didn't show up in the Device Manager. I also tried a linux live cd and SeaTools DOS and neither could find the bad drive. However, I can hear the bad hard drive working and spinning when it's connected and the machine powered on. How do I know if this problem is due to the BSY bug or if it's something else? Nothing can see/read the hard drive, but it keeps spinning and when connected some unusual behavior is present in the machine. Should I try the fix from this thread even if I'm not completely sure if it's the firmware problem what I have? Thank you.