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  1. Greetings all, just had to register to add my praise and thanks for the info here regarding the 7200.11 drives. Here's the story... At the end of March, my ST3500320AS decided not to play anymore, and being the trusting type and expecting some customer service I headed on over to the Seagate support site, downloaded SeaTools and ran it on the affected disk, it suggested I updated the firmware, so I did, was SD15 now SD1A and the drive was in the same state, Showing in BIOS but with 0 LBA. Contacting support produced the usual merry go round and finally an offer to replace the drive under warranty. No offer of fixing the drive and data recovery, if required, would be at the standard rates. Researched on the Net and finally got to this board and this topic in particular. I was a little wary after reading the information to Not Update the Firmware (whoops! ) but thought I'd give it a go anyhow. I purchased the following FTDI Cable and followed the instructions for the 0LBA issue, and to my great surprise and relief, now have a fully functional drive with updated firmware and NO DATA LOSS I'm currently in the process of backing up the data and will be putting in place a regular backup schedule (should've done that a long time ago ) Thanks again Graham