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  1. Yeah, very ppl are like this. I myself phone them but they only phonr them when they have a problem in their system. However, most of the problems can't be fixed on the phone - I mean you have to see the problem - so I tell them to bring their PC to the workshop, where my dad charges for the technicians' fees LOLz. :D

    Poeple tend to be very dlever, but a businessman has his own presence of mind, heh.

    That's REALLY IRRITATING! :realmad:

    Often they call me and say: "Hello! How are you? My modem doesn't work, what can I do??????"


    "Do I have to buy a new PC to remove spyware??"

    And much sillier things, as well as normal problems which I can't understand, especially with their English accent, reading the error messages :no:

  2. Wow, that was amazing.. (in a bad way)

    An earthquake reaching the number 9. Wow. We are still missing 27 Greek people here who haven't showed a sign of life. I think we should all do something to help those people over there, who, practically or theoritically lost their lives (are dead or with no possesions). :wacko:

  3. I'm looking for ideas to add a quick animation (the boot screen is displayed maximum 5 seconds on modern computers).

    Isn't it weird that my Athlon XP 3000+ displays it for 17 solid seconds? :o:P

    Great site btw. That thing with the palettes drives me crazy. NO MORE HEX EDITING PLEASE :P

    //EDIT: How do you compile this? :huh:

  4. Hello everybody,

    I fetched a copy of this ancient piece of OS, and JUST discovered it is NOT BOOTABLE! :realmad:

    This is driving me real mad, as I tested pasting all floppies in I386 and using weird boot sectors from floppies and Win 2000, but NOTHING WORKS!

    Most times I get a page fault :(

    Anybody done this before, or someone with a really good idea?

    PS: this might be considered off-topic as it is an older NT version. hey you, almost deleting or closing this topic, can you remember that the same happens with NT 4?

  5. Too bad, I was in a great mood when I found out how to start the installation from WinPE. I actually thought that something crashed and the installation window closed. :) But after reading this topic I finally understood there must be no way to avoid the "blue screen of installation" (not "of death" :P).

    Is there really a way to avoid the holy reboot in "doslike" mode and get the installation done in GUI, except of rewriting and redesigning the installation yourself? :P

  6. Ok, there is no need to threat me, I know the board rules and I intend to follow them.

    I'm talking about the wizard that appears after the installation, on the first boot. The getting started wizard which allows a registration with Microsoft, creation of users and activation (non-corp versions).

    Am I clear now? :huh:

  7. Hello everybody,

    My nickname is Despal and I'm from Greece. I was recently introduced to the idea of the unattended XP CD and I really adored the idea of making my own XP edition with what I want and the way I want it.

    I joined this forum to be a part of the conversation so I can ask questions or even answer some, as well as being informed. :P

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