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  1. Hello crazyjust, Actually, just to add to what Johnhc said, if you don't mind other users having that same file on their desktop as well, you can simply add this folder to the root of your Windows Source directory (the one that nLite uses to create its files): $OEM$\$Docs\All Users\Desktop ...and just add your textfile to that directory. When your nLited Windows installation finishes, I think you will find the file on your desktop. If you already have a username in mind, and try the following directory structure: $OEM$\$Docs\Username\Desktop ...you may find that windows will create a folder with that particular username in "Documents and Settings", but if your Admin name is the same as the user name you'd like to use (since we can do so in nLite), you may get Documents and Settings\Username Documents and Settings\Username.WorkGroup ...like Johnhc said, there may be a problem because Windows didn't create the file structures yet when Windows gets to the $OEM$ folder (account initialization not complete), but you can give it a shot if you'd like. There may be a setting you have to enable in nLite to be able to use the $OEM$ folder though - I'm not sure anymore. Good luck in your quest for an answer!
  2. Hello malcomx, It might be something on your end, perhaos a setting. I just installed an nLited version of XP and when I go to Display Properties > Appearances > Effects, Cleartype is already enabled on my system. When using nLite in the "Tweaks" section, I'll assume that you enabled the "Smooth edges of screenfonts" option to "Cleartype" ? If you did, then I'm all out of ideas... Good luck in your search for an answer!
  3. Hello to you all, First, I'd like to thank nuhi for an excellent program - been using it for years now on several machines and it is great I was wondering though if the following would be possible to implement through nLite: * If we have a wireless network, and we know all the settings, could we pre-set nLite or Windows to "install" the network so that when nLite finishes the installation, the wireless network card will already be connected to the default wireless network? * Can we do something so that when nLite finishes installing, that an Autologin is in effect, eliminating the need for a password? I am only one user on any of my computers and usually use TweakUI to set the AutoLogin settings, but was wondering if there is an efficient/lazy way of setting it in nLite. I can do both of these things manually after Windows has been installed, but was wondering if there was a way to do it so that it is part of the install process. Thanks to you all for your time, I find the nLite forums very friendly and useful (I'm more of a lurker than a contributor) and have a great day!
  4. Thank you, johndoe74, for all of the addons that you create - I use a lot of them in my installs and they're a real time saver - thank you
  5. Thank you very much Johndoe! This is really useful for many people! I hope you know that you're very much appreciated :
  6. Rado - many, many thanks - this is VERY helpful for many people, as the other gentleman already mentionned : You rule
  7. Thank you very much for this! It is very much appreciated ! ! :
  8. On my end, I get this when I try to download the latest file: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /ffv6/sidead.html on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an
  9. Nuhi - thank you very much for nLite in general It is very, very much appreciated. And now, with Directburn possible - SWEEEET! Thanks to Binary Magic too for that! And the people on this forum who do their best to help, respond, and trouble shoot - you all kick a**
  10. Oh - sorry, forgot to mention that I would use Partition Magic from DOS boot CD... so no Windows involved...

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