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About Me

I am a component level hardware tech. - IOW, I'm an Electronics Tech (CET since 1981) that now specializes in computer equipment. Before I retired from it my specialty was control systems for nuclear plants. That was the maintenance side. On the operations side I was certified as a Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) on 4 different platforms. Near the end of that career I was a QA Inspector for repairs/work on nuclear submarines. (All engineering aspects, not just electronics.) - In retirement I rebuild motherboards, PSUs, video cads and so forth (primarily motherboards) initially (and for 10 years+) to supplement my pension. At this point I've mostly retired from that too but I still do a small volume more as a hobby just to keep busy. I did something over 3500 successful "motherboard rebuilds" between 2003 and 2013 when that was my primary "second job". (I typically did a few over 30 a month so I averaged >1/day for 10 years.)

I come here because I know SQUAT about programming type things and there are many helpful people here when I need help with that.

I'm an expert at what I do and I chose to speak with experts when I'm doing something that is outside of my skill set.

So please beg my pardon if I ask or say something really stupid or breach some code of etiquette. You people inherently know things that I just don't know. You'd be in the same spot trying to learn something in a room full of brain surgeons or similar.

Should also note I am not here very often. I don't need help that often and here I'm not an expert helping others. I've done more than my fair share of helping others on sites where I'm one of the experts. (I enjoy it a great deal in fact.) Back OT, I may visit this site daily for a week or two, then could be gone for 6 months to 18 months. - You probably won't always get timely responses in posts, to IMs or whatever.


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