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  1. Hello, Magic Andre, thanks so much for your response. My OS is Winddows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. Here's what I've ascertained (as a computer novice) thus far. It appears that the nomenclature has evolved. What used to be identified as "x32" files, referring to 32-bit OS (rather than 64-bit) compatible files are now referred to as "x86" files (as opposed to "x64" files). This newer designation apparently refers to the "architecture", which I did see somewhere on my machine as "86" (and which I cannot relocate at this very moment). There is a UL with "x86" in the file name. At any rate, I managed to find individual download packages at the MS downloads website (Windows Update Standalone Packages). I have managed to individually install 4 of the 5 problematic updates. The final one, KB2631813, will not install after reboot. I have tried now 10 times (Windows6.0-KB2631813-x86.msu). The error code is: 80071AA7 I have found one remedy for this situation at: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_other-windows_update/error-code-80071aa7/70a484f7-fca5-4d6b-baff-805160380a86?auth=1 However, this remedy involves actually inputting low-level commands and messing with the registry. I am not comfortable doing this. I do not have my CDs to reinstall Windows Vista. Is this update really that important? Any help suggestions greatly (!!!) appreciated. Cheers, Doug
  2. Hello, Windows Update in my OS refuses to install updates after reboot (for the last month, no probs for the first 2 years on this machine). Have run Malwarebytes, Superspyfinder, Kapersky, Windows Defender. Did find some threats, however, once removed, still no luck with auto update. Now want to try this tool; however, the ULs do not list an x32 option for Vista. What to do? Thanks much for any suggestions!
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