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  1. Hi, @deadmanwalking Thanks for your hints. >>At what point does this stop appear? in text mode setup. just after loading all drivers you will see "setup is starting windows 2000" , then it will crash. @all However , (sorry for late response) i was finally able to setup win2000 on this server. As reported , there is no one pci device visible to the OS. Setupldr comes under suspicion of beeing buggy , but this suspicion has not been dashed. You have to take ntdetect.com from KB970267 and the BSOD disappears. I also used ntldr from win2003 , but didnt checked the necessity. There are two additional traps: - dont use Broadcom's network drivers v. 6.x for win2000, all of them will crash. Older versions (5.2) are OK. - edit usb.inf and disable usbehci (StartType = 4) USB 2.0 simply doesnt work, the machine stops responding as soon as usbehci starts. There is no BSOD. Other devices (PERC H700+ PERC6E (LSI OEM raid contoller), Matrox vga, braodcom nic's) work as expected. I also tried to find the Problem in usbehci: (its very hard to debug because of background IRQ's) , but failed becuase of complexity. The kernel stops working somewhere in usbehci!EHCI_StartController. But if you set some breakpoints, the OS will run into and successfuly return and start the controller. Mysterious!
  2. Hi , thanks for your response. That did not help, still no luck. However , after hours of kernel debugging i know the techincal reason: ntoskrnl calls hal!HalpQueryPciRegistryInfo to enumerate all subkeys of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\MultifunctionAdapter. Then it searches for Pci adapters (Identifier = PCI) but there is no such subkey and HalpFakePciBusHandler is not initialized. Later in setup process ntoskrnl tries to use this handler and crashes. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE is created by ntoskrnl based on information reported by setupldr/ntdetect.com. Switching to ntdetect.com of newer Os'es didnt help, but i have some sucsess using setupldr from W2K3. Thats a little bit tricky to get it working but i see previously missing Pci adapters and hal!HalpQueryPciRegistryInfo succeeds. However when using setupldr from W2K3, setup crashes much later in setupdd.sys. I guess it will never work until we get a new setupldr.
  3. Hi, before our new Dell R710 Server goes live , i would like to play with and see him to run Windows 2000 for fun. But i failed at setup : STOP 0x0000001E (0xC0000005,0x80F69A95,0x00000000,0x00000038) KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Address 0x80F69A95 base at 0x80F64000, ...., hall.dll The box is Intel 5520 Chipset, 2 x Xeon X5647, 32GB, Bios 6.1.0 (Phienix) I already tried to -disable all unneeded devices in bios, -disable all prefech / cache settings / C-States .. -tried to setup Server/Workstation (SP4 SRP1) -replaced many system files with newer ones (scsiport, hal(xxx).dll, ntosxxx.exe, pci.sys, acpi.sys ....) -tried some different OsLoadOptions (/MAXMEM /ONECPU /PCILOCK) -run setup from CD and PXE-boot from RIS Server -switched to different ntdetect.com (XP/2003 versions) -removed all scsi drivers from txtsetup.sif -forced setup to load different hal.dll (halmacpi.dll is loaded by default) -tried different halmacpi.dll versions (5.00.2195.6691,..,5.0.2195.7006) The setup hangs forever (hal.dll, halmps.dll = [OK]) or always run into BSOD STOP 0x0000001E (halacpi.dll , halmacpi.dll) just after loading drivers (Textmode: "Setup is starting Windows 2000") I guess there is no bug in bios (xp an up runs fine) but something unexpected for W2K , so hal.dll will crash. (perhaps @HalpValidPCISlot , cmp edx, [ecx+38h] - for assembler experts) I'm unable to fix this BSOD, any suggestion is welcome. @blackwingcat (if you read this) !!!!!!many thaks for your work!!!!!!!!!!! I also tried your videoprt.sys , but in this case setup aborts with the message : "vga.sys is corrupt." ?!? I guess we must not switch to this version before W2K is installed? THX

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