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  1. Trouble with ISO

    I have an ISO that I am having trouble with. My source disk is a XP Pro SP1 OEM (generic I think). I found a website http://xdot.tk/updates.html#fn13 that had two tools, Download UDC-01.14.13.zip for finding updates post sp3, and an IE8 add on creator, IE8.Add-on.Creator.zip. I also slip streamed SP3 and maybe removed a few things like tablet support. I tried to load it in Virtualbox and got an Error message when it started to format the disk. I have another ISO that just has SP3 sliped and it loads and works OK. Take a look at what I have and see if you can help me. Windows XP Pro SP3 source computer Pent 3 512M RAM I'm not sure how to attach my Session.ini file.
  2. Auto detect ATI driver

    Got a question. I am making an install disk that I would like to include drivers for an ATI video card. I would like to use this disk for more than just that computer. If I use this disk on another computer that doesn't have that card will the disk auto detect this and install a different driver? If it well not is there a way to make it detect hardware and install a default or correct driver? Thanks Olfatguy
  3. Testing ISO

    Does anybody know anything about PLoP Boot Manager? http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanagers.html If I could put my ISO on a USB Thumb Drive and make my computer boot from USB could I test it that way?
  4. Testing ISO

    Hi all, I just have one question. I tried to download VMWare and it wouldn't download because my computer lacks system resource. What do you recommend? I am a nube at this so I feel like I need to try my ISO on something before I wast time burning to a CD/DVD or installing on my computer. Pent 3 1ghz 512 MB ram Windows XP Pro My Computer does not support boot from USB in Bios (Is there a way to make this happen?) Two questions I guess Thanks
  5. slipnewby

    Thanks X I will be looking forward to using this in the future. One last question. Is this also the same if you take on service packs through window update? Can you skip sp2 and apply sp3 through windows update? Thanks Fatguy
  6. slipnewby

    I have a question about slipstreaming XP sp1. I have been told that I should add service packs in order sp2,sp3. I have also read somewhere that I can slipstream sp3 directly into sp1. I am new to this and thinking about trying nLite to make an install disk. What is the correct or better way to do this? Thanks Olfatguy