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  1. Hello, I use virtualized Win7 in VirtualBox, beacuse I have XP on my machine (and that is not compatible with 7customizer). No matter where the iso is located (guest disk or mounted machine disk) it never change it. And yes VirtualBox = sophisticated Sandbox:)
  2. Please, can I use 7Customizer inside virtualized Win7 in Virtualbox? I am trying, everything looks ok, but my iso never change:( (as my previous post).
  3. Hello, I am trying this superb tool, but my iso doesnt change no matter what i select (tweaks, services). Whats wrong? I have downloaded all three exe files from AIK and specified in program. If I reduce components it doesnt writte the setting to txt document, which is weird. I tried many time, many changing but still no shrinking and applying new settings. Thanx for looking at.

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