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  1. As I compare the titles of the files, a character comparison gives the same result. So be it. If the 3 IE8 updates are not the correct 3 IE8s, I will just overlook it if you will. Can we just stop this back and forth now. I am going to take off a few or several days for the holidays, at least.. I will responed to comments and suggestions after I return. Merry Christmas.
  2. I did replace the IE8 files. The names are identical.
  3. I seem to remember one of the first posts I posted suggesting you place the XP and SP at "The root" of your home drive... That would be c:\ Also please read the FAQ I keep quoting in the main nLite thread: There is TONS of info in there. I did create a file XP_OLD and copied the XP to that file on C:\XP_OLD..
  4. Also please calm down! You are getting quite angry and frustrated. We don't deserve the anger you seem to be showing we are trying our best to assist you. You are right about being angry with myself. I should never have sent the Last Sessions.ini files. That was my mistake in following blindly many suggestions to do so. No more. Thanks foryour help. Have a Happy Holiday Season.
  5. By the way, just to clarify a point, I sent a Last Session _u.ini file.. NO ONE mentioned before Post #56 differences in LS.ini I did what I was "unclearly" asked to do. Nothing said pro or con aboutthe _u file.
  6. I assume Mr. K-- deleted the LS -U.ini file as my mistake in sending the _u file had been done before Post #56 where he said -U file is only for the individual user's info.Now we know. Since sending three (3) LS.ini (with and without the _u) I have not seen one single bit of suggested response to the stuff everyone seemed to want. Now you say I should move the files to some other placxe on the disk. These suggestions coming in dribs and drabs are distracting, at best, First time I ever needed to move a file for development. Whatever. You say you are waiting for a question. Here it is: When will specific suggestions be published based on the info in the Last Session.ini?? Until I hear specific suggestions, I will just cool it. No moving files.
  7. As your web test showed, the ipaddress is indeed incorrect. Yes I have a modem, router, hub, wireless router, some software to stop obvious intruders ... BUT SO WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH nLite. You proved I am happy the ipaddress is incorrect, as shown by your published test.
  8. You are right ... to a point. The casual reader of this Forum has no right to ANY of my personal info. I sent a Last Session.ini because everyone was saying "we cannot help without a Last Session.ini" WELL THEY HAVE THREE (3) files and they say they want more. WHY?? I was not fond of Last Sessions.ini before, and if I had it to do over, I would say 'Forget itt". If you cannt help without my pesonal stuff. I will try to live without your help. As so many things with this Forum, you learn by making alot of errors. Sending Last Sessions.ini was one of several for me. Let me ask, in addition to the computer stuff which does not affect nLite code development, how many casual members names are broadcast to all casual readers of this Forum?? For what it is worth, I am mad about the casual way this Last Session.ini has been handled and the info included. You had a blocked and colored quote about Last Sessions. But you did not clearly define which LS.ini should be sent ... there are at least 3 and I sent the wrong one with a _u. You did not say "Don't sent the LS WITH THE _u" Why not? I am mad at myself because I sent info no one needs if they truly want to help. Again, I am truly sorry I fell for the come on. As you have said before, you do not understand what I am trying to say. Seems pretty clear to me. But if further clarification is needed, let me know.
  9. From your extensive comments, if this is all you know about nLite, I would say it is quite a lot. I will look over your comments. There is one small change at the start. I did start with my XPSP2 OEM CD, but as someone pointed out, I don't need SP2 and SP3, so I have gone to an OEM XP Update installation CD instead. This doesn't change your comments, just corrects the record. Back to the Last Session.ini.. Why does nLite need/want my ipaddress, which is incorrect in Last Session anyway?? But why does it need my ipaddress to make an ISO?? Also, my name and other personal data?? The Last Session.ini failed to get my Motther's maden name. Wow. What an oversight. See what Last Session has created, that I wanted to avoid. I made a mistake in sending it for all the world with an ID and password can see. Also, get this -- someone is already complaining about the Last Session.ini I sent. He must know my ipaddress is wrong. Just another distraction to waste time. Final comment. Last night I had a thought that could save some space on the ISO. I will pursue it further, and if it looks useful, I will let you know.
  10. I ran nLite with my XP SP3 XP Updates IE8 Updates for about 650 MB ISO file. The Last Session.ini file is (hopefully) attached for your info. I have looked briefly and it looks OK. I have a couple of things to check, but nothing major. Any comment/suggestion would be of interest. I will look again at your comments on what I am trying to do with nLite. I will make a reply soon. I will keep it short, as there are several points which could be debated, but no one needs that. You have beeen VERY helpful, and I thank you. HOPE YOU HAVE A VERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS.
  11. Because: Sometimes the new replacement files are actually smaller than the original files, hence less space taken up. Also, now that the first hurdle is over, be aware of the request that is posted at the top of the nLite forum section, and that has been mentioned, I think, in this thread. (If not, it should have been.) This allows us to better help you no matter what nLite problem you are having. If you need help in knowing how to attach your Last Session.ini file to your post, just ask for assistance. (But there is a link at the bottom of the "create post block" window - "Help with attaching files" - which might suffice.) EDIT: OT - Everyone will know who you mean, and no offense will be taken, if you prefer to refer to "Mr. K--" as "Kel". Cheers and Regards Let me try to explain why I do not like Last SESSION (LS). Before I came to this forum, I was trying to use nLite (NL) to develop a code. I tried to remove the LS each time I opened NL. I thought I had succeded, until on one run NL said an Update had been added out of nowhere.No idea where it came from. Anyway, I removed NL from my system except for the registry. Downloaded a clean copy of NL, and since no problems with strange junk be added without my knowledge. No LS and no problems. That is the way I prefer it. NOTE: I know this is my attempt to use a quote, but I did not want to delete something to make my comments unclear.
  12. It is clear you are very skilled in computer technology. But as a user I am approaching this nLite (NL) code use from a slightly different viewpoint. While you are comfortable using the MSDN ISO package, I am not. I look at NL as a way to package codes that can be used in an emergency -- perhaps without testing on a virtual machine. Therefore I want to know the codes used are ones I am using now (except for some addons). If I cannot create an NL package with basically my running codes, then I will just fail in this effort. It is clear that you are a great asset to this Forum, and I appreciate your time and effort to help me. If you do not wish to help in the future, I will understand. You were clear in your first Post on this thread what you expected.
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