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  1. PC hangs before boot

    Here I want to pointout one thing that somehow slow movement problem in bios has gone but still having delay in POST. And strange thing is that sometimes it does not delay on POST and I can go to bios or boot quickly without any delay.
  2. PC hangs before boot

    Disconnected everything as you said It takes almost 15 minutes to boot or to go to bios and when I move in bios it is very slow. I have tried the other PSU but still problem exists.
  3. PC hangs before boot

    My PC is desktop brand is lenovo 7523-71G.It has windows 7 installed. It boots from sata hard drive with windows 7 installed in it. I have checked the RAMs they are working on another PC of same model. I have checked other PC'c Ram ( same model/Brand) on the subject PC. But same problem exist. I have also disconnected Hard drive and CD ROM cables. But problem still exists.
  4. PC hangs before boot

    Hello My problem is that when I start my PC it hangs on first screen before booting and goes on boot screen after 5 to 10 minutes. And if I go to bios options it works very slow to move on bios options. Please help me to resolve this issue.
  5. Dear all I have a problem in my Computers network. We have more than hundered computers in our network. When I ping from my computer to other computers that are on the same switch. Does not show any problem. But when I ping to the computers that are on the switched which are not directly connected to the same switch but are on the other swtiches. Ping replys some times and some times it gives request timeout as shown in the following picture. But As i copy something from that computers that are on the other switches continuous reply recieves without request timeout as shown below. Please help me to resolve this issue. Note: There is no error when accessing computers with \\servername\sharename. Problem is with ping and reply.
  6. Dear All i have installed 2003 server on vmware. And kept the Network Adaptor settings on bridged:Connected directly to the physical network. I have installed DHCP server on 2003 server. But Client on my host PC and on the LAN pcs are not obtaining IP addresses I want to know is there any special configuration i have to make on vmware to work DHCP properly. Thanks
  7. need a software

    hello All I want to convert my audio tutorials to text. Is there any way that i could make text file or transcript of the audio files something like speech to text conversion. Please help me. thanks
  8. Dear all My question is that if i configure Raid 5 with 3 hard drives and if 2 of them fails will it be possible to recover data Thanks.
  9. When I check some specific update in WSUS console it says "This update is superseded by another update we recommend that you verify it is no longer needed by any other computer To do so first approve the superseding Update" My question is that how to find "superseding Update"? Thanks
  10. Yes i pesonally tested by logging in at the update time and i am also using "deadline".
  11. Dear all I have installed a WSUS server with Active Directory. I have enabled group policy in Windows Update "No Auto-Restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations". But still windows is restarting after installation of updates on clients and server itself . How to resolve this issue thanks.