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  1. Hey all - I'll try to keep this short and precise. I have a very basic scenario and yet still cannot figure it out.. We recently had 2 servers (A 2003 Standard and a SBS2003). There was a major failure on the SBS server which ran AD, DNS and DHCP. To minimize downtime, I switched these roles over the the existing 2003 Standard (file server). Everything was running well, but realize its a good time to upgrade. We moved forward with a SBS2008 server. So now, I have 1 2003 Standard and 1 SBS2008. Half way though the migration process - I realize that one must have SBS2003 to migrate to SBS2008. So, I had to ditch the final steps and can no longer follow the booklet/migration wizard (which some folks here do not perfer anyhow ).. Fairly new at working with SBS 2008 and not yet too knowledgeable in it. I see DNS content and Active Directory have been transferred (I assume from the answer file and other relevant steps early on). I used robocopy to copy over the Data drive folders and files. DCHP is now running on the default gateway (SonicWall), which is fine for now.. The problem now, is how to switch this to the be the primary DC that all computers look to (dcpromo?).. and how to have computers look to this AD, DNS and Print/File shares. My secondary yet equally high priority goal, is to then make a way to update the pre-existing 2003 log in script into the 2008 group policy to force workstations to connect to the new file and print shares. How do I access the GPO for the domain and include a policy to distribute network shares? Thanks much in advance! tj
  2. Thanks - The replies here helped shed some light on my issue - but still need more assistance. Will make a separate post.. and will probably need to learn the syntax's of ntdsutil.