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  1. I've just dissassembled the drive and found on the first disk a huge scratch with 2mm wide. So, mistery solved. Maybe a power surge caused this.
  2. Well, since this method is for 7200.11 Drives and NOT for Seagate LP Green drives and your Drive are neither in the BSY, nor 0LBA state, the short answer is NO (and you are in the wrong thread ). However, IIRC , there has been some reports where a failed fix resulted in a wrongly displayed model, which has been resolved by doing the fix again (on a 7200.11). So, since this is like a "general reset" the method might work, if you can get it to work in Hyperterminal (which has been a problem for LP Green drives ). See if anything here helps http://www.msfn.org/...-ceases-to-tal/ I had the feeling that i might be in the wrong place,but nothing else seems to work. Saddly i think my drive "is no more" at this time. Maybe i'll use a hammer to tear it apart and send as a gift to Seagate. Thx.
  3. I have the following: ST2000DL003 P/N: 9VT166-301 F/W: CC32 DATE: 11451 SITE: WU It was connected using an external case with its own power supply through an e-sata port to my laptop. Three days ago i was copying some files from it and it made a click noise, halt for a few seconds than finished copying the files. Right away i ran seagate tools but nothing was found, both fast as full tests. No noises were made after, so a turned it off and went to bed. Next day when i turned it on it made some noises and after that it has been recognized as "st_m13fqbl" with 3,86GB. So, my question is: Is this the case of trying this method? If so, i've been trying this using an USB to Serial cable but i get nothing on Hyper Terminal. When i press ctrl+z, a small arrow appears and nothing else. No messages, no commands, nothing at all. I've tried with RX/TX only, RX/TX/GND, swapping RX/TX. All different ways possible and still got nothing. Any ideas? Thx.