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  1. yes it does... i did think it was not the 'right' solution if i had to change it from the recommended settings, but I just needed to change the PCI-E setting Thanks again
  2. well that makes much more sense.. thank you much!!
  3. I cant believe this!! i finally solved this... would you believe my problem was due to the power plan i was using. The power plan was set was on balanced, which is the recommended one. I changed it to high performance and voila the cpu usage drops back to ~0 when idle.. Thanks for your support
  4. motherboard name- Biostar P4M900-M7 FE bus type- intel AGTL bus width- 64 bit
  5. Thnx for ur support i will try that out. But the event log has no entries under hardware issues. the problem started the from the time I installed windows 7, which is just a few days ago. I was using windows XP before that. And the graphics card has always been working fine in the same slot. Also the cpu usage was fine (~0 when idle) when i was using XP. Do you think this problem could be because of a driver conflict caused by the graphics card?? I have tried updating the drivers but there is no change, the cpu usage is almost constantly at 100%
  6. ohhh sorry did u mean i shld upload the DPC_interrupt.etl file. then here it is.. http://www.mediafire.com/?73l6bt1i228fbjy thanks
  7. I have uploaded the trace file to http://www.mediafire.com/?7svn9bx6m88c88e Another thing I have noticed is tht if i stop the diagnostic policy service, the cpu usage goes down from 100% to 50%. thnx so much for your help.
  8. Hi i have similar prob.. im a newbie so dont really no how to go abt it. I have attached an image of what process explorer is showing me. Interrupts is taking abt 30% in addition to 2 separate svchost processes taking up the rest of 100% cpu. I cnt tell if this is a driver issue or not. I have had this high cpu usage prob from the day i installed windows 7 2 weeks back. Pls advice me on how to go abt this