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  1. hi guys again i may dont know what im doing so please if someone can help it will be very help full and sorry for ma bad english im from morocco here is my problem i have a core 2 duo dell vostro laptop with just one usb plug the flex cable between mother and sata controller is broke so the laptop wont know the hard disk so i did this and im stuck in this part : first i toke usb hub and sata to usb hard drive so i make modification so i can have this the hub connected to the real usb and then hub got the external hard drive and the the external dvd reader so when i start the installation it stops on windows cant install on ieee or external hard drive so i need to know how to install windows 7 on an external hard drive any way thanx and have a nice day guys
  2. first of all no need to found an exploit so simply just go to the tmp directory and then run non_null exploit for exemple wunderbar emporium yes it will give you a full root access but the problem is that u will not get any access to the bios unless ok i found a solution guys thanks for your help i just do this 1 exploit the kernel 2 change root password simply by using su and passwd "Os is debian" 3 install wine "windows programs emulation " 4 download a software that dump the bios "bios dumper version 1.3.6 you can found it on some chiness website " 5 load the dump to a debugger like idapro or a hexeditor " 6 found a the watchdog function on the bios and un,lock it by just chnage it into 0 7 download award bios flasher 8 flash the bios 9 ready to use thanks guys anyway cool forum nice comunity and have a nice day if anyone need something i will be very happy to help
  3. thanks for replying yeah it could be done by adding a sequence on grub but the problem is installing windows so grub can load the windows installation but when installation finished there will be no way becose the original boot will distroyed by widows becose here we are loading windows xp installation files from internal hdd so it will like u managed to install but you can't boot also i tryed to root the kernel but its a grsec 2009 kernel so it prevent exploting vulnerabilitys on kernel and i have just user privieledge !!! so im trying to found one exploitable priveledge escalation vulnerability so i can be root and have rw power and then try to flash the bios and make it boot simply by usb drive or something !!!!
  4. hi im prowinux from morocco so this is my problem first of all i think i may dont know what im doing and sorry for my bad english !! ok lets start i have all in one desktop with amd sempron processor and 2g ram 120g hdd this desktop is sold by a frensh company called orange telecom so its a normal computer but with some modds by the company the company that provide this all in one desktop called splitted systems they sell those computer with windows 7 but the give thos all inone computer to the orange company with a linux distrubution blocked on just navigating internet taking some pics and lesteen to music ok so i got this computer from a freind so i tryied to install windows xp on it so the first problem that they blocked the bios so you dont entre and change boot so you boot from extrenal cd drive ''it doesnt have an internal cd drive " ok so i opned the box and try to reset the bios so it lose memory and give me access to the bios !! no way just pxe boot and no access "the bios hase no password they just blocked somehow " ok good i toke the bios ic read it on flash programmer it hase a difrent firmware version so i can flash it with another version " so i try to boot from pxe using bartpe first no way becose of nic drivers i tryed to search for ma nic driver i didnt found any compatible nic they are using REAltek rtl8111c/8111e ok then i took a winpe and tryed to find a way its boots nrmaly from pxe load the winpe image but no nic driver two so i tryed to do a thing i copyed all the winxp installationh file into a partition and install it on a second a partition no way so the thing that the bios check for linux manager if it find a linux boot manager it loads manualy but if you launch a windows boot its says no propre boot system shutdown ok thats good so the only way is you install a linux boot manager that loads the windows so you fake the system but ma problem i dont know how to install a boot loader into a partion and copy the full installation and launch it but i dont have a goddamn clu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx again and think about something people please !!!!

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