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  1. It's no question mark in the device manager. So my touchpad is brokend?
  2. Okej. But my laptop cannot find the poitning device. On TinyCore Linux to check devices: cat /proc/bus/input/devices
  3. Hi! I have a Dell Latitude CPi D300XT who have a touchpad. I have installed the latest driver from Synaptics for Windows 98 SE. It's called Synaptics Touchpad for Windows 98/ME v8.1.2. But when i have installed the touchpad Win98 cannot find the touchpad. I have tried to press "Add new hardware" but i cannot find any touchpad there. The problem is that i think i have not installed hardware drivers for the touchpad, only configurations drivers for the touchpad. Have i?
  4. You can get SDRAM 100-pin from china. Aliexpress.com
  5. Hi. I have Windows 95 and i love it. I need to get my computer back to action agin. I will only make it work beacuse i will only play good old awsome games on it. But the problem is memtest. I have NEW memory but i get the same old error if i use an old memory. I only this error. ONLY THIS. http://i47.tinypic.com/2v0zyh1.jpg Everything works on it. I got everything orginal too. Internet works. But internet Explorer 3 is not good to surf with. I can run the the computer, but it VERY unstable. If i install like Half-life, i get bluescreen. I think it has to be with the bios, but i cannot find the update drivers. My computer: HP Hewlett Vectra packard VE 5/200 MMX SERIES 4 BIOS: Pheonix Please! Help me
  6. I have a new 512 mb RAM and i wonder if i can run it with Windows 95 B version? If not: How can i do so Windows 95 B can run with 512 mb ram? I have 160 mb now and it's in a bad shape. More then 10000 errors with Memtest86+. Edit: I found something here. Is it true? http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=181594

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