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  1. berrick......what method are you using that works??? I checked out the link in your post and it says on that page "Note: Editing the Txtsetup.sif file to add mass storage drivers is not supported."
  2. Bâshrat the Sneaky, what have you figured out so far?
  3. hey Bâshrat the Sneaky, you have to edit your txtsetup.oem for it to work on your cd. The txtsetup.oem that you got with the driver files from Adaptec is for use on a floppy (F6 install). Edit this: [Disks] d1 = "Adaptec Serial ATA HostRAID Driver Ver 1.00 For Windows 2000/XP", \hraidsk1, \Win2000 to: [Disks] d1 = "Adaptec Serial ATA HostRAID Driver Ver 1.00 For Windows 2000/XP", \hraidsk1, \ in your $OEM$\TEXTMODE and your I386\$OEM$ folders, you will have all these files and NO subfolders: txtsetup.oem hrai
  4. rcordorica, thanks for the fast reply I will have to start using cdrw's from now on........I wasted too many cd's just trying to figure out how to make it work just for the A7V333......lol!
  5. I have finally created an unattended install XP pro cd using the TEXTMODE MassStorageDrivers Method for my ASUS A7V333 that has the Promise 20276 Raid chip on it (Promise MBFastTrak133 Lite (tm) Controller). I also have a ASUS A7V133 that also has a Promise Raid chip on it (Promise FastTrak100 (tm) Lite Controller). What my question is, is.....can I make 1 cd that can be used for both systems........i.e. combine the txtmode.oem files for both raid chips into one file and list all the driver files for both raid chips in my winnt.sif and have it work on each system?
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