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  1. Spent "a number of hours" hassling with RT7 Lite. Gave up. Found 7Customizer. Looking great so far, easy to use, seems much more stable. And... Oh my! My completed 7 iso actually makes it through setup with minimal involvement. Everything looks correct. Computer name, user account is created exactly as I specify. HOWEVER. For some reason, My 7customizer-prepared image appears to be completely bypassing any and all hardware detection/installation. I will mention, I AM using Windows 7 (professional) image with SP1 already slipstreamed in. I am of course tacking on all of the various post-SP1 updates, that goes on without a hitch. Why not just integrate the drivers I need? Well... Very good reason. My goal, in creating this image is to end up with a "one-size-fits-all" image I can just use universally. I'm in a smallish office setting, and we've got a somewhat diverse assortment of machines. Normally, when installing this copy of 7 on a multitude of different machines, setup does a pretty great job of installing basic drivers. The 7Cust image? Doesn't seem to allow this to go on at all. Any help you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated!

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