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  1. Integration of VIA's RAID driver

    Well I read this post a few times and then the other you linked here. I think my problem was using the same source xp file over and over. I made a new source file as you said to do and just added that custom driver you posted. It worked this time. Thanks a lot for your help. man that was a big waste of 20 cd-r hehe. I aprreciate your help.
  2. Well thank you Fernando. I thought this was the right place to post about that problem. Didn't mean to hijack it. I tried those drivers and it is still giving me the viamrx64.sys is corrupt when i run the burned cd on that system. I am not loading last session or any other drivers to that disk. I don't get it.
  3. I have been trying to make a slipstreamed win xp home sp2 cd to set up a computer running the Jetway K8M8MSR2-VC motherboard and 2 sata drives in raid form. I have tried via v raid driver package from the via site, jetway drivers from thier site, the 32 whql and modded version from this thread. No luck whatsoever every time I get the viamrx64.sys is corrupt. I am not adding the x64 version of the drivers I am specifying the x86 or 32 bit version and only doing 1 at a time to weed out the problem it hasn't worked yet. I am not loading last session when I start nlite. I can not figure this out. Any advice would be helpful.