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  1. Please forgive my ignorance, but when you say install the sata drivers with the OS, do you mean during the installation, or after XP has been installed. Unfortunately, I can't install the drivers during the installation because I have no floppy disk controller and the installation doesn't recognize USB ports. Also, I noticed that the reference you gave me referred to Win 7 and Vista. Will this apply to XP? Thanks again for your quick reply.
  2. Thanks for both your comments. I will try engmod's suggestion first. I don't have the nLite.ini file any more because I ended up having to reinstall XP again because my printer install kept freezing which has never happened before. I may have deleted something in the nLite set up which afffected this. I'll post my results. If it looks like an nLite issue I'll repost in the appropriate directory.
  3. I purchased an ASUS E35 M1-M Pro motherboard and processor combo. After learning that XP does not have drivers for SATA HDs, I called ASUS to find out where their SATA drivers were. By their instructions I downloaded their chipset update (http://usa.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_CPU_on_Board/E35M1M_PRO/#download). I was told that I could slip stream the drivers (under the "packages" directory) into an XP installation and then I should be able to do an install using AHCI mode. I used an XP Pro SP3 installation disk and nLite to do the slip stream. After creating the new CD I changed my bios settings from IDE to AHCI and rebooted. When windows reached the "Set up is about to start Windows" phase after doing the initial install of various drivers (before the formatting phase), the system once again blue screened. I tried using F6 to install the drivers from my USB drive but, another lesson learned, XP doesn't recognize USB drives at this stage of an installation (There is no floppy drive support on this MOBO). I would hope ASUS would know if they gave me the correct drivers but I don't know. The folks at ASUS spent an awfully long time researching what driver to use when I called them. My hard drive is a WD WD3200AAJS 320 GB SATA 3.0. I even tried changing the SATA speed in the bios from "auto" to 3.0 but that didn't help. Are AMD, or ASUS, products always this difficult to work with? Can anyone provide some help? Many thanks in advance.
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