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  1. my system was about finnished when I decided the current user would not have needed "AnyDVD" on this system, after rebooting from uninstalling it..The 3 CD Roms were gone in My Computor.

    I got the error message in Device Manager "The drivers could not be loaded for this device (The hardware had the yellow icons)

    The Drivers listed are

    1) CDrom.sys

    2) ElbyCDFL.sys (CloneCD)

    3) imapi.sys

    4) redbook.sys

    5) storprop.dll

    I uninstalled all 3 cd roms thru windows, then rebooted but after the new hardware wizard loaded these 3 new devices, the same error occurs.

    I tried uninstalling the same devices from safe mode, same result.

    My last idea was to go into the registry, and remove the traces of the 3 cd roms, I was unable to find them.. Particularly where the "Lower Filters" was shown...

    Any Ideas? I need to get this pc back to the owner ASAP, she does Tax prep on this pc.

  2. Ok, I read this far....

    (you can't "back" up while typing, or you loose the whole thing), 2nd attempt)

    I want to configure my winnt.sif to set my "example" 80 gig HD to a 5 gig primary partition, set it as active, then format it as NTFS. The remaining 75 gig (in this case) set as partition "D", extend this partition to full.

    I read, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/155197/EN-US/








    Anyluck?, Bonedaddy? Evilvioce?

  3. Since The full version of outlook has its "Spam" definitions to help control spam, I'd like to create an UA reg file with a list of senders to block to minimize spam.

    I already tweaked my host file and my active-X sites, I thought this would help as well.

    Any Ideas?

    I know there are programs out there that fight spam Before it hits the inbox, but I need a means that can be used UA for over 50 pcs

    Please advise...

    Thanks in Advance

  4. I searched through the forums for an answer. I see that the settings are kept in...

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{DB5E4B49-E9C9-42E3-A05A-C781D3E40635}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0]

    but if I want the SAME settings for every user, #1 I need to know the ID# and I need duplicates it there after for each newer user.

    Basicly I want to set all the options under "Tool,Options, General,, etc...Plus I'd like to set my toolbars for the inbox, new mail etc....

    I've done them for IE and explorer, this is the only "varying" reg location that stumps me

    thanks in advance


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