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  1. Hello guys, I've now readen the whole topic and it seems very interesting what you're doing here. Especially because we have here more or less the same situation as clivebuckwheat. also novell network. no AD, KMS, Win7, Office 2010, and so on. First of all a very good advice in the whole KMS story is to check the event log of the server (Windows logs -> applications and service logs -> Key mangement server). There you can see when machines getting registered on your KMS server. I found out, that the KMS GUI is not as useful as it should be. Another good thing to check your acitvation status is the command "slmgr /dlv" (run on KMServer) you'll get a popup window with some infos in it. (here also the way to understand this information:http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee939272.aspx [take a look at the explanation of the point "current count"] In our network, we have different networks (which are all routetd). (For the swiss people in here: I'm situated in ZH, and we have branch offices at GE, LS, SG, BE) All the machines from the branch offices do activate perfectly at the KMS server, but the VAMT doesn't discover the machine. Probably because it's searching over workgroup, and that won't work over network-boarders. The other possibilities (like LDAD, AD, or manual IP-entering) won't work for me, because we have no LDAP Directory with the machines or AD, and the IP's are from a DHCP, so they will change. How would you guys try to discover the machines in the branch offices? Do you have any good idea? Thanks for reading! :-) kind regeards, Tec PS: If I can help, ask me ;-)