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  1. HotKey in XP Windows: Display the Start Menu Windows + D: Minimize or restore all windows Windows + E: Display Windows Explorer Windows + F: Display Search for files Windows + Ctrl + F: Display Search for computer Windows + F1: Display Help and Support Center Windows + R: Display Run dialog box Windows + break: Display System Properties dialog box Windows + shift + M: Undo minimize all windows Windows + L: Lock the workstation Windows + U: Open Utility Manager -------------------------------------------------------------- Speed up the Start Menu HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel Desktop MenuShowDelay By default, the value is 400. Change this to a smaller value, such as 1, to speed it up -------------------------------------------------------------- Havin' troubles with timeout ? Open "RegEdit" and search for "AutoEndTask" and put it to "1" (Default is set to "0", and it should apear at least 3 times!) -------------------------------------------------------------- In StartUp create a batch file (like go.bat) and insert what U whant: copy /y C:Docume~1Admini~1LocalS~1Applic~1Micros~1Outlook*.* x:MesDoc~1Outlook >nul del /f /q c:*.tmp del /f /q c:windowsminidump*.* -------------------------------------------------------------- Havin' troubles with mIRC connection and XP FireWall Go to your internet connection On advance tabs click setting On sercices tabs click Add In description service write "Identd" In Name or IP write your PCname of IP (Best is the name of your pc) External port write 113 internal too and leave TCP marked Click OK -------------------------------------------------------------- Use the ultimate configuration tool Start and then Run, then type the following: gpedit.msc -------------------------------------------------------------- Remove the Shared Documents folders from My Computer Simply fire up the Registry Editor and navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer My Computer NameSpace DelegateFolders You'll see a sub-key named {59031a47-3f72-44a7-89c5-5595fe6b30ee}. If you delete this, all of the Shared Documents folders (which are normally under the group called "Other Files Stored on This Computer") will be gone. You do not need to reboot your system to see the change -------------------------------------------------------------- Close Pc automaticly Go in bios to enable the power management. Control Panel -> Power Options -> onglet APM and Enable Advanced Power. -------------------------------------------------------------- To get Admin account on the "Welcome Screen", make sure that there are no accounts logged in. Press "ctrl-alt-del" twice and you should be able to login as administrator! -------------------------------------------------------------- WinXP Clear Page file on shutdown Go to Control panel Administartative tools, local security policy. then goto local policies ---> security options. Then change the option for "Shutdown: Clear Virtual Memory Pagefile" -------------------------------------------------------------- MASSIVE FILE RENAMING A new, small, neat feature for winXP deals with renaming files. Select several files in Explorer, press F2 and rename one of those files to something else. All the selected files get renamed to the new file name (plus a number added to the end). -------------------------------------------------------------- CD Burning problem whit WinXP (ASPI LAYER) WinXP does not come with an aspi layer. So far almost 90% of the problems with winXP and CD burning software are aspi layer problems. After installing winXP, before installing any CD burning software do a few things first: 1. Open up "My computer" and right click on the CD Recorder. If your CD recorder was detected as a CD recorder there will be a tab called "Recording". On this tab uncheck ALL of the boxes. apply or OK out of it and close my computer. 2. Next install the standard aspi layer for NT. Reboot when asked.
  2. IOMEGA XP Drivers

    My Iomega ZIP250 work find whitout any external driver.