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  1. Hi, i am running Windows XP (german) regards
  2. thanks for the info. but does not work for a brother mfc-7460. Setup.exe (for selecting language) invokes data\disk1\setup.exe (i guess, using/setting special params/environment), which actually does the install. starting data\disk1\setup.exe ends in error regards
  3. Using nlite w/preset set to lite

    Hi, i went back to nlite 1.4.5 and rebuilt, using last_session.ini. after reinstall problem disappeared regards
  4. Hi found an old nLite version (1.4.5) used same LS.ini and problem disappeared. i wonder in which version this bug appeared again any clues ?
  5. Hi, sorry for the confusion. i erroneously added the ls.ini from an old (working) XPCD. here's the correct last session ini. sorry again, that i messed up the ini files regards LETZTE SESSION.INI
  6. Hi, this erros should be fixed in nlite 1.4 Final (according to its changelog) Changelog: * upd: Read-only attributes removed * upd: Returned Netdde and Visual Tweaks * upd: nvraid integration will not auto-insert sata_ide from now on * upd: KB933729, KB939653 non-English support * fix: SFC/WFP popup on device installation (e.g. USB stick inserted) * fix: Luna theme settings were not applied if no themes integrated * fix: Certain combination of removals causing textmode error in 2k3
  7. Hi, ATK0110 is from asus never had problems with that before
  8. Hi, you are right, forgot to attach file, here it is regards LETZTE SESSION.INI
  9. Using nlite w/preset set to lite

    Hi, have the same problem (see topic XPSP3 SFC popup on device installation ). which version of nlite are you using ?
  10. Hi, i built a XPSP3CD from scratch, using nLite v1.4.9.1. when installing new drivers (insert new usb stick ... ) the SFC window 'insert cd' popps up and doesn't disappear, even if cd is inserted. anyone got an idea what has gone wrong, and how to repair ? regards
  11. Hi, how do i configure this in wpi? the install consists of a 'loader' which invokes the real install. (and seems to prepare something for the 'real' install). the real install can't be started individually i need to run Setup,exe and then wait for other.exe to complete. anyone got a clue how to do that ? regards