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  1. Updated, see post #1 it's had a make-over.... Plz share ur ideas...
  2. Added an update, no snaps yet.
  3. *Released V1.0.1, 19th May 2013. *Updated to V1.2, 25th May 2013. *Updated to V1.3, 31st May 2013. "PostInstall" is an app to help users automate running installations, silent or not, 1,2,3 or 10 apps it installs all your apps perfect. Obviously you need to add installers (Yours) and then let the app work for you, unless your installers are non-silent. This app was made for modded OSes in mind, to install your best apps an tweaks at first logon, rather than searching HDDs/DVDs/USBs and/or Online, get them all in one folder before re-installing Windows. Also, one can make a fab apps DVD to share....... Current Screenshots - This is the select programs screen, you can choose 1, 2, 5, 10 or all apps to install... There is a 40 second count-down til it auto starts the checked installations, you can see on the checkbox (xx secs remain), you can stop the countdown by checking it or press CTRL + P. The blue highlighted app is a forced installation, so it will be installed.... V1.0.1 - http://i44.tinypic.com/2j5hqbd.png This is the screen to add an install/app to the .ini file, lots of options, the forced install and install order are now working, you can access this screen by pressing CTRL + I.... V1.0.1 - http://i40.tinypic.com/23u7yaa.png Here we have the main install screen, works fine and ok, there isn't much to change here.... Also, we now have a mini-installer, might be best for after modded OS install, unfortunately the list is messed up (that's my prroblem for not debugging enough) but i'll fix in the next update.... I have some very big and good ideas for up-coming versions, however yours are welcome too. This release is so all can test and tell me bug-reports. Anyone want to help? PM me, be it gfx, coding, testing etc... Download: http://adf.ly/PEvrz * Changelog 25/05/2013 - Changed the version number to 1.X instead of 1.X.X - Now Post Install can be run after Windows Setup, tested on Win 7 Pro x86 SP1 and Ultimate x86 and x64 SP1, i'm assuming it works for all 7 editions/arc's aswell as Vista x86/x64 SP1 and for XP SP3 i'm not sure. - Fixed Install Order, you can add a number for the order. - Fixed the Forced install, in the editor set it to true/false. - Improved the editor. - File Size will be taken from the file, you won't add it in the .ini file. - Added icons to the application list. - Added a reboot window, to be performed after all installations. - Added/Updated hotkeys. - Lots of code changes and bug-fixes... -Enjoy. Download: http://adf.ly/Ps1Tp FOR V1.2 ONLY: Simply, un-rar the .exe and replace with the old .exe, you need to re-create the .ini file or edit and remove App File Size through-out the .ini file, this has to be done... * Changelog 31/05/2013 - Fixed the error on app start regarding the .ini file. - Fixed a major bug in the editor, preventing forced installs. - Added the mini-installer. - Aded system tray balloons, for when an install has completed. - Again, Lots of code changes and bug-fixes... -Enjoy. Download: http://adf.ly/Ps0vM PS: Please don't re-upload or post elsewhere without my permission, thanks.
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