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  1. Didn't get anywere with the repair, So i had to do a fresh install but with SP1 because my brothers got my slipstreamed SP2 cd so i gotta use this as a temporary until i get the cd back thanks for the help again everyone. Nevermind another lesson learned don't delete services .
  2. Yeah it's now doing the repair hopefully that will fix it, If not then yeah bite the bullet but i was hoping there was just some easy to fix it as it's **** easy to delete them. A tool to delete and install the windows services would be handy though, I am a bit suprised it hasn't already been done as nearly everything else has. thats enough of me crying and thanks for the help again guys.
  3. Tried sfc/scannow but to no avail, And also the three services files but there pretty small and i also tried seeing if the service installer could recongnise them but no, Now if someone would make a program which reinstalls the services for us dumbasses that would be helpfull, Thanks for the help guys though it looks like a **** format is the only option. Edit: I'll have a look through the .dlls
  4. yeah i have an XP cd but if only i knew what files were needed to copy across.
  5. Just looked in System32 And there doesn't seem to be any files with similar names to the services. Edit: Yeah i did see that but you have to locate a file to use and as above i don't know the files i'm looking for and if there still there.
  6. Ive uploaded it here, I'm not sure sure exactly what it does to delete the service. Thanks for the replys.
  7. I havn't disabled the services ive deleted them so there no longer in services.msc, There gone and i dont have a clue how to reinstall them when they don't show up.
  8. I have just been using a tool which deletes services, And now after restart i have no internet so i am curious if theres a program or a manual way i can reinstall the specific windows services, Hopefully theres another possible way than formatting Thanks.

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