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  1. Yes, it's part of the Hub in the base of the Samsung Monitor. Greg
  2. Do you mean the LAN Realtek NIC Driver or the lan9500-x64-n51f.sys driver (USB -> Ethernet) or both? Booting without the LAN Realtek NIC connected does not help. TIA Greg
  3. Hi all, W7SP1 x64 All of a sudden I've started getting W7 locking up not long after the Desktop appears. It shows as the blue Windows busy circle over the LAN icon in the taskbar. It completely locks up and you cannot do anything, hence your only cause of action is to turn it OFF via the power switch. You may have to do this 2-3 times before it will work correctly. I enabled boot logging in MSCONFIG and both a succesful and failed boot are shown below. A failed boot:- A successful boot:- Note that the things start to change after the line "Loaded driver \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\mouhid.sys" Any ideas what might be causing this or how to find more information to isolate the problem would be appreciated. TIA Greg
  4. What hardware do you want to know about? Diskpart does not show USB HDD. Use USB2 or USB3 port to boot from depending on laptop model. Have had it working from both USB 2 and USB 3 on various models. It is just some models that this happens. Have added USB3 drivers to WinPE.
  5. Hi all, I'm using WinPE 3.0 to boot my USB 3.0 1TB HDD. The HDD has 2 primary partitions with the System Partition, containing WinPE, 2GB and the other partition the remainder. I use this HDD to boot various models of laptops and apply an image using imagex to a new HDD. Sometimes I've noticed that WinPE will boot correctly to X Drive but the 2 partitions on the HDD are not visible and therefore don't have a drive letter assigned. What could be causing the partitions not to be visible? TIA Greg
  6. Yes correct. 6.1.7600 which I believe is 3.0 Thanks again.
  7. ghines, have you tried this? Does it work? Yes, I think the command would have worked except that WinPE was x86 and the image that was applied to Drive E was x64. Gave an error along the lines that BCDboot was the wrong version for the OS installed. So I used:- BCDboot e:\windows /s e: and all was good. Thanks for all your help johnhc, and others, it was appreciated. Greg
  8. Sorry, it's MBR. Johnhc, Thanks for the link to the MS UEFI Document. The important couple of lines for me are:- Note the Source is where the Windows Image was applied and the destination is the System Partition. Hence in my situation with Windows (WinPE) on C, Images on D and the Image applied to E (the system and boot partition) the command should be :- E:\windows\system32\bcdboot e:\Windows /s e:
  9. Yes, interesting article. Thanks What I don't understand is how BCBboot "knows" to copy the boot files to drive C? Also why was Drive D made active and not Drive C? My understanding is the boot folder and its associated files should be placed in the 100MB partition, Drive C in this case, and that should be the active partition. Reading this article suggests to me the 100MB partition is empty and is doing nothing at all except taking up space. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Greg
  10. Thanks everyone for all your input, but no one has answered my original questions. I will recap and add a bit more information that might be helpful. I'll use the MS convention for naming the partitions. I place a new HDD, unpartitioned and unformatted, into a laptop. I boot the laptop via a USB HDD that has 2 partitions. They System Partition of the USB HDD gets assigned C while the other partition containing the images is assigned D. I now use DISKPART to prepare the new HDD, clean | create par pri | format fs=ntfs quick | active | assign. Now the new HDD has the drive letter of E. I apply my Windows 7 image to the new HDD using imagex. However this image is only of the Boot Partition and therefore does not contain a boot folder in the root directory. To make this new HDD bootable I need to use the BCDBOOT command, but what is the correct command and do I need to run the command from a particular location? TIA Greg
  11. No C: and E: are not reversed. I boot from my USB HDD and the new HDD that is to have the image applied to is unformatted and unpartitioned. I then clean, partition, format, set active and assign the new HDD, which gives the new HDD the next drive letter E:. I then apply my image to E: Have read the link but I'm still confused as to the correct BCDBOOT command and whether I should CD to a particular drive before I issue the command. Any help would be appreciated. Greg
  12. Hi all, I'm booting WinPE via a USB HDD with 2 partitions and applying my image to the internal HDD. This works well but my images are of only the System partition and don't contain any of the boot files contained in the boot folder, so I need to use the bcdboot command to copy the boot files onto the internal HDD. My question is therefore what is the correct bootbcd command given the following. C Drive in the boot partition on the USB D Drive is the second partition on the USB containing all my images E Drive is the internal HDD that I just applied the image to. Is it BCDBOOT e:\windows /s c: Or something else. Plus do I need to CD to a particular drive before I execute the command? TIA Greg
  13. ghines

    Booting Issue

    Formatted size 1.95GB. Will try your small USB suggestion when the issue next happens. Thanks, Greg
  14. ghines

    Booting Issue

    There are 2 partitions on the USB HDD. The first partition 2 GB and contains WinPE. The remaining space on the 1TB drive contains another primary partition that holds all my images. Greg
  15. ghines

    Booting Issue

    Hi all, I have an external USB HDD with WinPE 3 installed on it. I use it to load images using imagex onto various models of Dell laptops. Generally this goes without a hitch and works very well for me. However every now and then I get a laptop that will not boot from the USB HDD. The HDD comes up in the BIOS and is an option in the boot menu after pressing F12, but you get the message "Operating System not found" after selecting the USB HDD as the boot option. Anyone come across this before? BTW - Makes no difference if I use a USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port. TIA Greg
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