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  1. Ok, cool. Thanks! It's not so much the space it takes up. I just want to prevent customers from running software they don't understand. A lot of people I encounter just press buttons without thinking. Bit of a background story: For instance, I install ccleaner on customer's pc's. I schedule it to run once a week silently and I remove it from the start menu. This way they won't start tinkering with the settings themselves, without knowing what they're doing. Like, one day they'll check the Cookies box and then..."ZOMG, I'm not logged into teh Fazebookz anymore and can't remember my password! It's all Miletos' fault for installing that evil ccleaner software!" Maybe I'll just remove the shortcuts for the Performance Kit from the start menu, but I'd rather just uninstall it to prevent them from ever finding it.
  2. MagicAndre1981, urgent question: after having completed the entire process, can I uninstall the Performance Toolkit and SDK? Will it keep all the optimizations? I'm guessing it's safe to uninstall, since it just optimizes existing services. But I just want to make sure. It's for a customer and I usually just like to remove all the maintenance software after I'm done with it, to prevent them from ruining their own computer. Anyway, I really can't thank you enough for this tutorial!! You gave me an automated (= quick & low-cost) method of seriously improving boot performance. Especially on Vista machines. Awesome!