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  1. I had several CC1H drivers and I can tell you none of them was really a BSY nor a LBA0. Trying to apply the fix I didn't get any files back and I can tell you I clearly listened that the sounds they made changed a lot. Something does happen and I am quite sure it is not something good. I really don't feel comfortable to say that the probabilities of recovery are going to be reduce very little, but it is up to you to try or not. I am quite sure you will get nothing.
  2. it is just the reality: - your drive has broken heads - your drive has wrong firmware - even if you will reflash the firmware you lost the information to access the data (it is like you have broken your eeprom chip). That is why I say bye bye to your data. There are too many serious problems all together that only a pro (maybe!) can recover.
  3. bye bye to your drive! R.I.P. (by the way it was not healthy even before)
  4. it DOES hurt indeed you are totally crazy. Say farewell to your hard drive and data inside.
  5. I got several zero elapsed time (yesterday 2 of them) and the hard drives work fine.
  6. it is something different.
  7. your data will not be touched/destroyed (obviously)
  8. you made a real mess. First of all, why did you change the pcb? If it was not fried there was not a reason to change it. Second, why do you want to perform the solution for something else completly different from you problem? It sounds like you have fever and you get a pill for diarrhoea. Third, if your drive doesn't spin up, there is something wrong with the new pcb and/or the way you solder the rom chip. It happens if you make an awful welding with a possible burning of the rom chip... that means to say good bye to you data.
  9. Indeed u could miss it... I just said "it happens if u both power down or not". Was it different from what you said? Yes, my sentence was just shorter... (jaclaz, davvero, mi ci è voluta una flebo per arrivare a metà e poi ho gettato la spugna. Alla fine il succo è che spegnerlo o meno cambia nulla)
  10. I disagree, it happens both if you power down or if you don't power down the drive.
  11. I fixed a drive spinning on and off like yours. I used the normal procedure in the first page, the last command (m0,2,2,,,,,22) the drive spinned off for several minutes and then it spinned on again. Check my experience in this post. Anyway I am not the only one, another user had the same result.
  12. well, now Samsung is Seagate... I agree, but unfortunately now they are too small for storage.
  13. Ok, is it the correct view? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/76462486/boh.jpg If yes, all the sectors from this one (it should be the first of the problematic partition) are not blank, there is something written. Correct? And if they are not blank. why nothing inside?
  14. I can agree with u, but I saw many of these HDD giving me 2 or even 3 formatted partitions after the cmd m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 and they were according with the logical partitions they were divided. That is why I assumed they should be related. How can I inspect the single sector? I didn't check them, just realized there is nothing to recover. Anyway, I checked it with Seatools in windows (I will on DOS too in few hours) and it gives me an error while checking the internal diameter...
  15. So, I have another unlucky Seagate... 500GB SD15. It was detected by the bios, but not in windows. It was not LBA 0 since, for example, testdisk doesn't see it at all and any other recovery software the same. It was something in between the bsy and the the lba 0. I decided to attempt a bsy solution from avico and now it is detected by the bios and by windows. The last cmd (m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22) exited with 1 partition formatted. BUT! They are 2! The user, in fact, formatted it in 2 dynamic partitions. I made a full dd image and inspected it with recovery softwares. Only the first one, 100GB is visible and I can recovery everything inside. The second partition is something like blank. Nothing inside. No file system, no files, nothing. Photorec doesn't find any files. Not even 1 small file. I tried another LBA 0 fix. The same: just one partition formatted and again I can see everything inside the first one, nothing on the second one. Any idea? The files I need to recovery are, obviously, into the second partition...