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  1. Tomasz, Right ballpark, but the window title bar colours are hard-coded to the author's preferences. I'm looking for an active title bar of green and an inactive one of red or pink. In my NON-Windows 7 support work for friends, family and even some business clients still using WinXP, I ask what the Green title bar caption is quite frequently. Having a dependable colour scheme that has green for active and red for inactive is easy for the newbies to understand. Why MS chose Blue and White initially is a mystery. And Dark and Not Dark are very, very subjective. Having two traffic light colours just plain makes sense to most people. But thanks for the link. GM
  2. Hi all, I'm a bit of a throwback. If I had my druthers, I'd still be using the desktop that came with Windows 2000. I managed to make Windows XP look like that, skipped Vista and now have Win7 Ultimate on my main computer. I'm the kind of guy that uses solid backgrounds because I don't see the desktop all that often, so why waste the resources on having something there I don't see often. I've managed to get that part of my desktop done, but I can't acheive the theme of my dreams in Aero. I would like the active screen to use a light green effect within Aero and the inactive windows to be red to pinkish in their effects. My current choices always seem to make the windows captions unreadable. The black and darker green just doesn't seem to work, given my old geezer eyes. IS there the possibility of an Aero theme that does use different colour bases for active and inactive? If not, the rest of the questions are moot. IF it IS possible, is there an existing theme I might use? If no existing theme presents itself, is there a tool to build such a theme? I'd prefer a free tool, obviously, but am willing to spend a few dollars to get what I need. Thanks in advance for any information in this area. Appreciate you taking the time to help an old codger out. GM