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  1. i used win 7 enterprise 64 bit. i lost product key. i use product key finder softwares, but it find "BBBB..." key (fail). now, i need fresh reinstall win 7. help me active win 7. thanks.
  2. office 2007 enterprise 64 bit, os win 7 64 bit. i forget office license key.
  3. I am using office 2007 enterprise, win 7. now, i need backup office 2007 activation. then,i reinstall win 7 and restore activation. i need script backup office 2007 activation. canyou help me?
  4. thanks. edited: mistake :D can you hlep me?
  5. Manual make it waste a lot of time. can you write the script auto make it?
  6. yes. i want to mkae it so no one can execute a program from the E, F, G drive.
  7. hello every body. i am using windows xp. i create the local policy sercurity Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us i create rule for many file type: bat, cmd, com... can you help me create the rule automatic use script? thanks. //vncn820
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