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  1. I have a sfx extraction question. Does anyone know of a way to supress pop-up error messages and have them write out the cmd prompt or txt instead? I use the sfx with automated deployments of unattended installs and every once in a while I get an install that hangs. Since the installs are being done under a deployment account, we can't access the desktop to see the error message. This makes troubleshooting hard and time consuming. So far the hanging seems to be typically caused by a locked files or an invalid path. Example of extraction command: mySfx.exe" -y -gm2 -InstallPath="C:\\mySfxPath\\location" Thank you, ThePackager
  2. There are 2 ways I can think of. Note these commands will only run in a bat. To run outside of a bat replace %% with % and replace "%~DP0" withe the path to the sfx. Most thorough though takes some time. FOR /F "TOKENS=3 DELIMS=: " %%A IN ('SYSTEMINFO ^| FINDSTR /B /C:"System Type"') DO (IF /I "%%A" EQU "x64-based" (echo Running "64bit" & "%~DP064.exe") ELSE (echo Running "32bit" & "%~DP032.exe")) Less thorough but quicker and cleaner. IF EXIST "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files (x86)" (echo Running "64bit" & "%~DP064.exe") ELSE (echo Running "32bit" & "%~DP032.exe")
  3. Hello nova-s, Sorry it did not work. I tested on my side and it worked (Windows 8.1 and Windows 2008 R2 x64.). What OS are you using? attrib -s -h -r %SYSTEMROOT%\sysnative\drivers\etc\hostsI would recommend simulating the environment. For simulating, in the cmd prompt switch to 32 bit mode. "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cmd.exe", then run your commands. From what I see, %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% will report back x86 and not AMD64. to check, run this. FOR /F "TOKENS=3 DELIMS=: " %%A IN ('SYSTEMINFO ^| FINDSTR /B /C:"System Type"') DO (IF /I "%%A" EQU "x64-based" (echo "64bit") ELSE (echo "32bit"))Let me know how it turns out, ThePackager
  4. Hello nova-s, The issue looks to be that you are using 32 bit 7z sfx. This results in a 32 bit environment/cmd prompt being used and in turn the calls to (System32, Program Files, PowerShell modules, registry, etc...) get redirected to the 32 environment equivalents (SysWOW64, Program Files (x86), etc...). There are 2 options I can recommend. Switch to the 64 bit sfx module. This is the most thorough but the sfx will not work on 32 bit systems. for the" System32" issue, you can use a reference called "%sysNative%". This is a backdoor to the System32 dir for Windows 2008 x64 and newer. The sfx command will not run on 32 bit systems since "%sysNative%" does not exist there (though the sfx will be runable). If creative enough, you may be able to call the 64 bit cmd.exe and execute a separate bat. Though tracking and or interacting with activities may be hard. The "Program Files" issue can be addressed by using "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files". I hope this helps, ThePackager
  5. Hello gora, That is exactly what I was looking for. It works perfectly. Thank you.
  6. Hi, Is there a switch to specify the extract directory when running a sfx through the cmd line (I wasn't able to find one)? Or can this wonderful 7zsd.sfx (thanks Oleg) be updated to allow an extract directory switch to be passed? this is a critical feature I need due to automating deploys to different directories on multiple servers. Example of a cmd I would run and what I'm trying to accomplish: testSFX.exe -y -o"C:\Install\Test" testSFX.exe's default extract location would be overridden and extracted to "C:\Install\Test". Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm trying to create a sfx that allows silent installs. additionally the directory can be defined in the cmd line. If it is defined, the install path defined in the config.txt will be ignored. I tried using the -o command but it does not work. No matter what I do, when I run the install through the cmd line, I am not able to change the install directory. Is there a way to do this or can this wonderful 7zsd.sfx (thanks Oleg) be updated to allow the install directory switch to be passed? cmd line silent install. test.EXE -y -aoa -o"C:\Install\Test" My Config.txt: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! Title="Utility Server Installation:" BeginPrompt="Utility Server Installation:\n\n Created by 'me' on Fri 12/02/2011 at 13:45:52.77\n BUILD: Regression Build_20111010.1\n Please update 'Destination Folder' to point to 'DRIVE:\MyCompany\Client_CountryCode\ProductCode'\n For example if Test is being installed for Toys USA: 'D:\MyCompany\TOY_US\Test'" CancelPrompt="Do you want to cancel the extraction?" ExtractDialogText="Please, wait..." ExtractPathText="Please, enter the extraction path:" ExtractTitle="Extracting..." GUIFlags="8+32+64+4096" GUIMode="1" InstallPath="C:\\\MyCompany\\TOY_US\\Test'" OverwriteMode="0" ;!@InstallEnd@!

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