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  1. Hi Andre, I just wondered which anti virus suite you use and/ or recommend? I currently use Microsoft security essentials which is better than mcafee but still slow at start up. Thanks, Wayne
  2. Magic Andre I will try and run a boot trace soon on my machine. Although can I ask about the layout.ini file in the prefetch folder? I did the optimization a couple of times last week. After the last optimization the layout.ini file was updated 17/12/2011 but it hasn't updated itself since. I was under the impression it updates itself every 3 days but I quickly turned the laptop on this morning and it still shows date of 17/12/2011 as last modified. Do you think something is broken here? Does the laptop need a certain amount of idle time for it to update itself? Many thanks, Wayne
  3. Thank you. Ok will do. Do you think I have messed the prefetch up by deleting the pf files? Not that I will do this again but should I of just deleted all the files on the folder and not the pf ones because old data still existed and conflicted? I find it strange that the prefetch seems to work until about the 6th or 7th boot and then something goes wrong. Hopefully the latest optimisation did the trick as its been 8 boots since and currently seems ok.
  4. Hi Magic Andre, Sorry to bother you. I think my prefetch on windows 7 ultimate x64 is doing strange things. Basically I ran your optimisation a few months back and it worked well. My boot got a bit slower over time, so a few days ago I went into windows/prefetch and deleted only the .pf files to rebuild the prefetcher. I only did it this way to avoid the lengthy 2nd part of the optimisation due to a lack of time. Anyway all seemed fine, subsequent boots were a tad quicker. That was until the 6th or 7th boot after this. It was as if something happened & prefetch was no longer working/ or corrupt. No error messages but my boot suddenly increased by over a minute. 7 or 8 boots later and still it was slow. So I ran your optimisation and it all seemed to be ok again. However, yesterday there were some windows updates which I installed and as a result the boot immediately slowed rapidly again despite constant reboots (about 8 in a row I tried). So I deleted the pf files again from prefetch folder. Instantly the boot sped right up until, yep you guessed it, the 6th or 7th boot when it slowed right down again. Very odd??? So late last night I ran your optimisation again. At first it errored as it had to wait too long for the prefetcher. I deleted the pf files again and after doing this your optimization ran through just fine. And since then (some 8 boots after running it) my boot has been okay again (about 100ms according to event viewer which is about normal/peak for my laptop). Has my deleting the .pf files caused my problems? I only deleted these and not other files in that folder. Also I wasn't emptying them from the recycle bin (until the last optimisation) so I wonder if this caused part of my problems. So at this moment in time my boot is fine but i worry as soon as I install another windows update or any other type of program the problems will come back? I am worried my deleting of the pf files in the prefetch folder has caused all my issues? Should I have deleted the whole folder including the readyboot sub folder when i did it? I kind of wish I'd never touched it now! I was under the impression deleting the files would cause Windows to rebuild it. Many thanks, Wayne
  5. Hotfixes for faster Windows 7 boot/startup

    Ok thank you. I will try. Just worry risk of bricking the system by trying to back a hotfix out. Is it safe to do so? Thanks, Wayne
  6. Hotfixes for faster Windows 7 boot/startup

    Hi Magic Andre Sorry to disturb you. Over the past few weeks I have applied these hotfixes in order to help with my boot speed. I just wondered if the hotfixes had any side effects? I can't be certain but I think one of these hotfixes has triggered this problem on my Windows 7 Ultimate (x64). Do you get this same odd behaviour & know how to fix it? Basically I'll boot up my machine (alienware m17rx3) and then open ‘My Computer’. Then I’ll insert a USB stick or a dvd. Everything happens normally. However with ‘My Computer’ still open I will right click the USB stick and click eject & a message will always pop up. Most commonly ‘Explorer.exe – No disk’ ‘There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive\Device\Harddisk1\DR1’. The box gives options to cancel, continue & re-try. If I click cancel the box will re-appear. Basically I have to click through it about 5 or 6 times before it eventually disappears. After that all is fine and dandy. If I eject using the icon in the system tray I don't get the same problem. Likewise with a DVD, if I use the button on the top right of the laptop to eject the dvd the error message doesn't happen. It's only when ejecting using right click, eject on the drive within 'my computer'. I’ll get same message but instead of please insert to device\harddisk\DR1 it will say ‘Please insert a disk into drive D:’. It’s also odd because it only does it once. Subsequent ejections of a dvd or USB stick are then fine. Until the next boot anyway. I have managed to stop / suppress the error by changing the errormode in the registry to 2. However it’s not a real fix & can suppress other error messages that I'd need to possibly see in the future. As far as I can see there are no side effects, everything works absolutely fine but it does concern me. I have trawled google til I’m blue in the face with no joy. The common issue being that the USB stick has been assigned the C: letter and to change it in disk management but that doesn’t apply to me as it always gets assigned as E: whilst my DVD drive is D: I did try changing the drive letter for the sake of it but it didn’t help. Also tried disabling all start up items & clean booting with only MS services running – again no joy. Finally tried logging in with a new user profile and again no help. Other things I did was clear recent documents so nothing points towards either the optical or USB drives. It’s getting kind of irritating. I am inclined to think hotfixes may of introduced this. But I can’t confirm this for certain as I don't know exactly when this started happening as I don’t normally eject this way. But now I have noticed the problem it is something I am keen to fix. I did download process explorer to see if this gives a clue as to the cause but unfortunately I do not know what to look for. Many Thanks, Wayne